Hi guys! Long post ahead, make some coffeeee <3 Today I will be blogging an Keynesian perspective on the current Finnish protracted recession. There are only few sound economic analysis I’d found thus far, and I think one great blog post examining this phenomena from an economic lens is– Sipilänomics: Finland’s fake austerity . So this post is a…


  1. Good text but you should really study the sociology before you criticize it. It is not what most people – including you – seem to think.

    I however agree with some of your points. We need more economic knowledge. Sociology is not that popular and its not opposite of economic knowledge. They are the two sides of same coin.

    “In my opinion, really, the solution is to spend more on things that will increase the aggregate supply. Because any investment on aggregate supply will increase aggregate demand too. I concur greatly with Joseph Stiglitz on the point that the government should consider being growth-focused, not debt-focused. The current government policies focuses too much on increasing competitiveness of labour BY decreasing the cost the companies have to pay to employ workers. Why not work further towards increasing the productivity of workers?”

    –> This is great i think you are correct.

    Thank you for your post!

    1. Hi Jane! Thank you for your comment. So what do I think about sociology that isn’t true? You seem to know me better than I know myself! :p

      Actually, I do have a sociology background too (did soci for a year in NUS) and have read major works and classics of distingushed sociologists. Eco, Barthes, works of major Asian sociologists–Id read some of them well. =) terms like “imagined communities” are not new to me, for instance.

      Far from your accusation, I’m positing that sociology and economics are complementary. Neither is superior to the other and that was never my point; it’s regrettable that you would interpret my writings as such. 🙁 (Even though I have no idea where you got that impression!) Sociology, if not accompanied by political science or economics, might cripple Finland in the longer term simply because of the lack of perspective.

      IF you are a sociology major and care as much about this issue, I’d encourage you to blog about this phenomenon from the sociological perspective on your blog too, for the sake of a holistic discussion. Id be interested to read it! 🙂 Especially since michael halila did a post from the political science perspective on Freodom, and this post was supposed to SUPPLEMENT his from the economic perspective.

      You mentioned you agree with “some” points–so which economic part did you not agree on this post? Just curious haha, I thought I was pretty rigorous. Also be sure to read the original post on Freodom 😉

  2. Interesting read, thanks for the analysis!

    I don’t mean to nag, but you spelled some names incorrectly, most notably the name of the blog that you’re supplementing; it’s Freodom, not Fredom. There was also the link with Bank of Finland’s Governor Erkki Liikanen’s name, missing an ‘i’.

    I don’t always worry that much about spelling, but I think such proper nouns should be respected so.

    But, again, good read :).

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