…Yes, I gave up. I gave up on the concept of competing. I don’t want to compete anymore. People are somewhat sometimes against the concept of “giving up”. But I think giving up is really good sometimes, because choices don’t exist in a vacuum. It’s always a matter of “I give up” Vs “[insert something]”. The…


  1. Wan Wei you have a natural gift in expressing your views in a written word and I like your style and points of view. Hard work is basis for all self fulfillment it may not bring about riches in monetary terms but inside hardworking person knows that he is doing the very best he she can. That is what keeps the world going around. Everything can’t be measured in wealth some people will feel satisfied by just having learned to read and write in some places in our world and we all have our place in the sun. Nation like Finland and Sweden play big part in world affairs especially in Labor organizations trying to bring about equality and end to child labor in many undeveloped nations that alone is worthy vision!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Markku! Yes, agree fully! 🙂 I guess somehow I didn’t learn to think beyond myself in Singapore– it’s pretty much mostly about $$$

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