Today I’m going to blog briefly about this phenomenon known as the Finnish marketing problem. The main problem exists because of this popular, deep-seated Finnish mantra: “Thou Shalt Not Boast as a Finn.” Finnish advertisers, no matter how talented, face mental barriers to doing compelling advertisements. This is perhaps because of negative connotations specific to Finnish…


  1. Nothing to add, it all seems quite true 🙂 Good points again. I also struggle with these issues in marketing our products.

    1. Hey Lauri! 🙂 Sorry, I just saw this comment.

      Actually my friend and I spoke about this topic before–she said that it might be because Finns have a concept of “absolute standards”. But if you monitor your competitor and have this concept of “relative standards”, then you’d sort of be the best marketer/have the best product out there.

      That is to say, there is no need for the product to reach 90% excellence. If your competitor has 50% and you have 60%, then it’s good to go! 😀 #myhumbleopinion.

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