Hey guys! Today I’m going to write about what the term “business” might mean to a Chinese person. Yes, this is an ontology post! When I was in Singapore last month on a business trip, the business leader Raymond Ng gave me a scholarship to attend his popular course on Chinese Philosophy and Business, inspired by…


  1. Wan Wei once again very teaching concept of Business in other cultures. To Finn the concept of $100.000 watch is a good example how Finns react due to years of having the notion ramming into their heads that Equality for all is our aim, that’s fine except it also takes away the will to be super successful in business. You can;t help others unless you help yourself first, if the ship is sinking don’t you put on your own life vest on before you help your friend. Lesson Finns need to learn there is no ceiling in business long as it is done within the law and not to knowingly hurt anyone.

    1. Thank you for the comment Markku! I really appreciated your sharing on how Finns have troubles asking “Do you want fries with this?”

      And I agree on the point on law: the idea is to do business within the boundaries, sometimes maybe just close to the boundaries.

    2. Equality sounds like a nice concept, but it destroys even the person who you want to make equal of.

      Once the strongest emerge, he / she can help the people who are weaker and “equal” to the weaker ones.

      It is a law of nature to have a top predator. Many ecosystems would be weaken if you remove the top predator.

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