Today, I chatted briefly with my friend Daniel, and we were discussing about this viral article on the Singapore’s Art Scene and on the topic of using a controversial title as a click bait. Then I started to think more deeply into international dating in Finland, or perhaps even interracial dating in Finland, or in…


  1. Clickbaiting is a plague of the modern age. It’s bad enough when online media give clickbaiting titles to real news stories, but nowadays they also use it as a way to get views for articles with no content or news value. In Finland it’s gotten so bad that even the tax-funded media YLE has also fallen to it.
    Sometimes the titles are outright lying. In facebook there is really good page called klikinsäästäjä (eng. Click saver) where they collect these clickbaiting articles titles and what the content is really about.

    1. Oh gosh that sounds horrible! :/ Id check out the click savings page–thanks for sharing! 🙂

      I guess sometimes sensationalism is needed in Finland, for purposes of entertainment, since sometimes it’s too peaceful here. Anyway I dont think the quality of journalism is very high, if the account of Jari Hanska is The Norm? Haha.

      In Singapore though, broadsheet is state-controlled. So jorunalists cannot write whatever they want and are required to balance between censorship and sensationalism. Not an easy task, I must say.

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