Good Morning Starshines! 🙂 Today I am going to write a piece about Finland’s labour productivity, because I’m confused by certain popular sentiments that boldly assert that Finland’s labour productivity is high. This is in spite of clear 2015, current evidence by the World Economic Forum that strongly suggests that Finland’s labour productivity is not only low;…


  1. Finland’s productivity is high the key indicators are comparing oranges over apples, Denmark is totally dependent on two fronts, Lego and Merck their shipping and few other specialist high priced goods such as women’s fashion accessories and silver. Norway is entirely different they are oil and gas producers and specialist equipment in forest, paper and oil and sea food. Sweden and Finland out the Nordic countries are the two most diversified manufactures of high end manufactured products in many varying industries including high tech and medical and education areas. Finland produces the best passenger liners in the world, ice breakers and provide more scientific papers in medical science than any other nation on earth based on population, the education is envied around the world. What is forgotten that it is the winter that drives down the KPI s in productivity measures in Finland. The winter has huge cost for Finns including additional energy use and just to keep the ports open including airports is huge.
    taking this into account Finland productivity is not the problem, problem lies in its thinking and the lack of selling it self to the world. Comparing your own business and IT improvements Finland has one the fastest Internet connections on the globe and is now moving onto 5G increasing its capacity in that area even further. Argument over productivity is futile problems are much deeper than that. The management thinking is outdated and inward looking and too many Finnish companies have been sold to overseas buyers thus feeling of ownership is lost.

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