1. I’m also dating Finnish guy and he is awsome. Caring, kind, tender, strong, protective, serious but with good sence of humor, intelligent, easygoing, cooking very good, helpful and so on and so forth. I do not know if all Finnish guys are like that but my Guy is so perfect I can not believe he is real.

  2. I wish I could understand finnish guys better. I am from Europe, but the traditions and behavior is so different. It makes me a bit sad, so I often do something that he completely understands in the different way. And, at least about that one which I know, he says so often the opposite, (stupid) example: “I like white, I hate black. I like black, I hate white”, I think I need a “Finnish Men Dictionary”

  3. 😀 hey, nice to hear that finn guys are great, but are they really shy just like the rumors?
    So yeah, I date one too.. but can’t figure out what he really think since I am not smart enough to guess 😂

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