[A caveat: This post is written in a light-hearted and bimbotic manner. Treat it lightly! I hope you get a Finnish boyfriend!] Previously, I wrote on the 7 reasons as to why Finnish boys are hot. Today I’m going to write another fangirl post on how to get a Finnish boyfriend. ♡ HAHA I’m a…


  1. hi, i’ve met this finnish guy on online. we had been knowing each other for a week. he told me that i’m special because of behaviour and the way i smiled. there’s this one time we were on skype and he asked me to blow a kiss before i go. i’m not sure if he’s interested in me or just playing around.

    p/s: sorry for my english

    1. Oh how sweet! I think you two should just do a f2f meet-up. Ask him to visit you!~ 🙂 Many, many online relationships have resulted in offline ones, even for finns-finns.

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