(Hot Finnish guy Peter Franzén, Source) Hello ladies and gentlemen! The previous post 4 Simple Steps to Getting a Finnish Boyfriend! went viral, and is now widely referenced to on various Finnish forums, ask.fm and even VK OMG. Everyone wants a Finnish Boyfriend!!! ♡♡♡ Some of the comments in Finnish were like “Okay the post…


  1. Hi WW..

    Oh my Gooood! It’s such an insights heaven when I found your blog about this Finnish things ;D
    Very spot on and make me wanna pack my things and stay in Finland soon. About Finnish guys, now I understand why a guy I know not really stands out. He seems low-profile, be careful about what he says, and a master of silence in 2 languages.

    But, I also like the charm of Swedish guys. They’re freaking stylish and so neat. I think you are right about approaching a good looking Finnish guy is much more easier than Swedish himself.

    Anyway, wanna talk to you a little bit (read: long way) via email. But cannot see any email to be contacted.

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