Good morning starshines! Today I want to write about this concept of an “in-built” national mentality of outward humility to people who identify themselves as “typically Finnish”. As someone with a passion for rhetoric and public relations, two articles on the topic of Finland and its Public Image in the global business context are constantly…


  1. Finland needs to get out of EU and find its feet alone, Finns are not very good playing in the big crowd they must determine their own destiny and not be dictated too by Germany as is at present. There is too much concentration given to shyness it more of “why express my view when in the big picture no one listens” Finland needs to make its move shortly otherwise the entire next generation will be lost to anti business and sleeping on the soft mattress Referendum is required and get out while you can!.

  2. Hello Wan Wei,

    I am Finnish born and American raised so this will help if one needs to stereotype me….haha. To be more specific, I was raised in the USA in a very Finnish household and have retained the Finnish language. As you can imagine this brings about many interesting dichotomies within me. Yes, I am a typical Finn in terms of the humility factor that is “built-in”. Good example, when I was promoted in my work, I did not tell my parents about it, however my wife did tell my father. The Finnish mentality would be OK, great, you have been promoted, congratulations, now stop gloating about it and get back to work! Its so funny to me when I think about it. Then there is the other side of me that is very American. I can be very talkative, I tell friends that by nature I am quiet and introverted and they laugh at that as apparently I am usually the most boisterous in the room(with or without alcohol, that distinction must be made as I am Finnish after all!) So I have this struggle between my stoic, quiet and shy(not really anymore) mind set and then I have this American side, dare I say loud and boisterous(sometimes considered obnoxious) way about me. With respect to this, I am able to laugh at both cultures and myself(y the way its another Finnish trait to be self deprecating).

    When I go back to Finland, usually every 1-2 years, many Finnish people say I am an “interesting person” and it is mainly a compliment as the Finns see the Finn in me, yet its that American side they are drawn to and probably even at the same time they are somewhat objectionable to my approach.

    I have many stories and perspectives I can go on and on about regarding the Finnish and American cultures and how both could benefit from looking at each strength and weakness in each culture that would help in business culture in general.

    Oh and I am in sales and have been in business for myself as well.

    This article has definitely touched a nerve within me in a good way. Thanks for the article.

    All the best,


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