1. It’s interesting that Adam and Eve got kicked out of the Garden because they gained knowledge. Perhaps ignorance (innocence) is bliss and knowledge is suffering. Haha. The more we know, the more we judge about what’s good and what’s bad, and the more we try to justify our own actions and intentions and impose our own beliefs on others. Perhaps the way out of this mess of worldly knowledge is personal wisdom.

    ignorance (innocence) = bliss, knowledge = suffering, wisdom = peace.

    I find your analogy of the Garden interesting, especially because I don’t know any Finns at all. Opens a different perspective. It also reminded me of our last General Election.

    I think one of the main roles of government is management of limited resources – the art of distributing, allocating and saving – to ensure survival and existence of the nation. But humans don’t just want to exist (especially when stomach is full); they want to live and be happy.

    And if we truly want to be happy, we can’t just focus on limited physical resources. They’re limited and there’s just no perfect way to distribute and allocate them. Sometimes the more we think about limited resources and who has what, the more unhappy we become.

    Yet there’s also another treasure of resource that our human spirits can thrive on. It’s infinite and freely available. Perhaps we can call it spiritual resources. For instance kind words, like please and thank you. It doesn’t cost a thing. And if we say such words with sincerity, the giver and recipient are happy.

    And spiritual resources don’t belong to just religious organizations. They belong to everyone. We don’t have to believe in any particular God or gods to be kind and compassionate. I’m not sure if we will ever return to the ‘Garden of Eden’, because innocence once lost can never be found. But perhaps with personal wisdom, we can tap on our infinite spiritual resources and grow our own Garden of Peace in this world.

    Haha, enough of my rambling. Thanks for your post!

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