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  1. Indeed, everyone has a choice. It is up to you whether you’d like to support Trump or not, whether you’d support the legalization of abortion or not. But when something appears to not be right, shouldnt others voice out to help awaken the blind? Slavery was legal in the past but because people fought against it, it became a wrong.
    Caution is always key to making a judgement.
    Likewise, the majority is not saying that nobody should donate but rather they feel as though this blogger has been rather contradictory in her actions. If she hasn’t been, nobody would have a cause to dispute her claims.
    The facts are simply there.
    People, BOTH supporters and non supporters alike are unable to explain the why:
    1. She chose not to sell her HDB house away but choose to resort to her fans’ financial pool
    2. She bought a $90++ toy car for her child while most would shudder at spending such an 
amount whilst undergoing tight financial constraints for a year.
    3. She has the luxury to consult various lawyers and opted for the most expensive one.
    4. She chose not to settle out of court and blew up the matter. “In its Aug 11 statement, ChurpChurp, which is represented by TSMP Law Corporation, said in a statement on its website that despite numerous attempts to “amicably resolve” the matter, the blogger continued to “wilfully ignore” her contractual obligations.”. We also know that she was already aware of the “threats of suing my pants off” before she was given the writ of summon. Hence, things could change with negotiation prior to the summon being served.
    5. She still leads a rather shopaholic lifestyle and eats at restaurants (look at recent cotton on hauls and her giving away a very expensive stroller that can still be used)
    6. She opted for an overseas filming project for goodfeelim when she could be sourcing for opportunities already available in sg for the moment. Thus incurring additional personal costs.
    7. She chose not to opt for personal and bank loans which understandably requires money to be returned unlike for crowdfunding.
    8. Where did all the money for the birthday parties and mooncake parties come from?
    9. The reason given for the rental of the landed property was to combine a studio, office and home together. Many have provided the constructive feedback that you could have all 3 in a hdb home as well. It is just a matter of adjusting.
    10. She did all these while she already knew of an imminent lawsuit.
    11. Some parents are unhappy with how it might appear as though she is using her child to garner sympathy. (Even though she might not have been doing so. Take for example a parent who beats with a cane versus a parent who doesnt; who is to say which is right or wrong?)
    12. She mentioned she spent $12,000 on the consultations: “All in all, before i even got served, i already spent about $12,000 on consultations with different lawyers. But proceeded to state that “All of my savings had been used up in the past one year plus of email correspondence, letter exchanges, contract reading and consultation etc, plus i went to many different lawyers before i could settle with one i am confident with.” How did her total savings only amount to $12,000. Did she use to spend as she earned?
    **13. (ADDED BY OTHERS) She has alot of blogger friends (Miyake, Cheesie, Pxdkitty etc.) + 5 sisters + besties (Mich). Counting them casually 14 known relatives + friends in social media. If each person could loan her $10,000-$15,000, that would amount to at least $150,000. The additional could be topped by bank loans and the sale of her HDB :). She could achieve the $200,000 target she seeks instead of crowdfunding from the public.
    When others mentioned giving to a better cause, they just meant giving to someone who is extremely in desperate times and in dire need of help. Indeed nobody can help everyone but everyone can help someone (: and it is just how you exercise your judgement during these times. We are all aware that there are people who still support Trump despite his notorious racism and acts of sexual abuse. Likewise, this blogger will always have supporters regardless of her actions.
    So bottomline is, no hate is and should. be incited. The topic at hand is just extremely controversial and debatable.
    I do feel that THERE IS NO NEED to dispute facts and support her fervently unless you do know the reasons behind all her contradictory actions or when she finally explains herself. Those who spam are just trying to hide the facts from the public.
    Likewise, THERE IS NO NEED for personal attacks (esp those targeting her family and friends. I feel that they have been nothing but supportive and I love their family dynamic. This is the blogger’s choice to opt for crowdfunding.) but facts are also much appreciated and should be shared to be food for thought for the public. Much like how a courtroom decides whether a party has been fraudulent or not. Otherwise thinking further and looking into one’s history is always wise before making any donation at all (applies to all cases).”

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