Interview with Susanna, co-founder of the "Close the Borders" Movement.

Today, we have Susanna from Rajat Kiinni! -Kansanliike/ “Close the borders” people’s movement to share with us her views on “What is Finnish-ness”. Due to the sensitive topic, this interview is heavily edited.


[The Hieno! Suomi 100 series] Interview with Husu, the eloquent politician with a heart for Finland!

Today, as part of The Hieno! “What is Finnish-ness” series celebrating Suomi 100 in 2017, we feature the very popular and eloquent Abdirahim Hussein, otherwise fondly known as “Husu”. Enjoy the interview!

Pekka Haavisto

Preserving the excellent connection between Finland and Singapore through the young generation.

Moikka!~ Today, we have the huge privilege of publishing an excellent piece by Tuukka Väisänen. It is an optimistic piece about how the outstanding connection between Finland and Singapore can be preserved through the young generation. Enjoy!~ [From Tuukka, 2016] As my essay was written already in 2014–almost two years ago–I think it would be good to…

finland basic income

Finland Basic Income Experiment: Will It Work? | The Hieno!

Today I am going to blog about Finland basic income research that is currently in the preliminary stages, helmed by KELA and a few distinguished professors in Finland. KELA is a social welfare institution in Finland which runs social benefit programs. Finland Basic Income Research has totally been milked by major news outlets via click baits….

The Grand Retirement Plan: A Fruit Farm with Alpacas.

(Featured Image: Source) This morning, the Finnish coalition government came to a conclusion on the reform of healthcare in Finland issue (check #sote on twitter), when previously two of the three parties in the coalition had a huge fight about it, enough for the Prime Minister to threaten to dissolve parliament. Read the international news…