Hey all! 

It’s Day 2 of my life in Helsinki!

Anyway, today’s random post is about how to walk from Aalto Business School from Kamppi metro station. I figured that it’s probably a bit daunting to find your way to Aalto Business School with google maps, when you really don’t know any Finnish. Well, that’s because I tried, and I got lost anyway. I found this:


Which is really overwhelming because the street signs are pretty small!

But fret not!!! Right now I’m going to do a post for everyone and anyone who googles “How to go to Aalto Business School”, using PICTURES.

I eventually got there because I asked a nice Finn, and his friend and himself was kind enough to bring me there! And here’s their picture.

nice people

KIITOS once again!!

OKAY here goes. Once you reach the Kamppi station, proceed to exit C. You should see this sign:

exit c

Right after stepping out, you’d be seeing a gym called CITY GYM. Turn to your right and walk straight.

city gym

After a two minute walk, you should be seeing this hotel called HOTELI HELKA.


Continue walking straight, keeping in mind that that street is already Runeberginkatu. Hanken School of Economics and Aalto Business School are to your left hand side. To be precise the address of this hotel is Runeberginkatu 1.

But anyway, don’t be fooled by the number. The buildings are totally NOT arranged in sequence! TO your left, you’d be seeing the Hanken School of Economics first. The Aalto School of Business is just behind it.

Hanken School of Economics is really pretty btw. I got a picture of the logo, and it looks stylish and pretty. 🙂


And when you walk a little further down, you’d see this building with the Economics balance of scale motif:


(Picture obtained from Otago. It really isn’t snowing here at all today!)

And here’s the front door:


Hope this helps! <3