I’d been following the Voice of Finland every episode thus far despite being so crazily busy recently!!

They are on channel 4 Nelonen and THANK GOD I HAVE A TV!!!! HAHA!

Anyway, I’m personally convinced that idol shows are reflective of a country’s culture. I’d been following all sorts of singing contest shows– China got talent, Britain’s got talent, X-factor America, The Voice, American Idol, Singapore Idol, THAI Idol, etcetc.

But I think The Voice of Finland really impresses me! Remember Singapore Superstar, where Kelly Poon and Shi Xinhuey got into the finals? Despite Shi Xinhuey being the more talented and determined one (I think she lost 6kg in that month just to look nicer on TV), Kelly won, because Shi Xinhuey was Malaysian. I could remember friends calling in for Kelly just because they think it is crazy to let a Malaysian win a Singaporean Singing contest. “Singapore no stars, meh?” They say.

kelly  sing

I say–Bullshit. Mediacorp (The Singapore main TV channel that organised the contest) wins. Every call costs SGD$0.50, no?

But on the Voice of Finland, apparently things don’t work like that. There’s this South-African lady with such a GREAT voice, every single one of the judges just pressed the button barely 5seconds into her song. And also apparently looks and weight don’t matter that much, ? They really do go for things like stage presence, charisma and voice, as compared to Singapore idol, Singapore Superstar, Thai Superstar, China got Talent.

WHICH IS A DAMN GOOD THING! Look at the winner of last year’s Voice of Finland:


I died. Romanssi means “Romance” by the way.

Anyway, after today’s episode of VoF, I think the wisest judge and coach out of the four judges is Anne Mattila! And here is her pretty picture:


If you haven’t noticed already, she has sensible technical advice (She told Michael the rock song he chose for one of his two girls was too low for her), and she has such a GREAT sense of choreography! Check this out!

If you compare and contrast the people during the audition and THAT video, wow, you’d be in shock. Here’s that guy in his audition.

Even I wouldn’t give him a second ear. But Anne totally saw the potential in him and groomed him into someone whom every one of the judges gave a standing ovation to!

Anne’s really a smart and humble coach I think! Initially I thought it would be a wiser choice always to choose Michael Monroe, but I guess as opposed to going for a teacher who’s really cool, it’s wiser to go for a teacher who sees your potential. 😉

I also enjoyed Emma Schnitt and Tiia Erämeri’s performance of Lovato’s Skyscrapper; they were both wonderful singers with different styles. Tiia was so fierce I thought, and reminded me of Demi is her music video! But I loved Emma Schnitt’s rendition, there’s a kind of steady strength in her soft persona. 🙂


I do agree with Elastinen, Emma Schnitt has so much potential, but when she starts singing I just thought “Man, I’d totally buy this woman’s album”. You can catch the clip here too!

At any rate, I think I might grow to really like Finland. It seems that there is a different sort of meritocracy here, as compared to Singapore! 😀