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Jumbo Shopping Centre, Vantaa

Things to do in Helsinki

Hello folks!

Today I’m going to blog about Jumbo Shopping Centre, Vantaa. It’s my second favorite store in Helsinki greater region, after Myymanni.

jumbo vantaa

Jumbo Shopping Centre!

There are two big supermarkets in Jumbo, K-citymarket and Prisma, and they’re just directly across each other. Watch out for promotions! During promotions yoghurts are super uber cheap.

Also, Jumbo is only around 20minutes drive to the airport, which means that you can definitely pop by this shopping centre to do last minute shopping, go to the busstop and take the airport bus right to the airport ^_^ Conversely, if you are just in Vantaa Airport for a day for transit, Jumbo/Myymanni are perfect shopping places for interesting buys. Well I think most guides will often suggest places such as Kamppi or The Forum, but I think you really do get better discounts at Jumbo and Myymanni.

Anyway, for good steals and hauls, here are the shops I recommend in Jumbo:

1. GO to Anttila. It looks like this:

anttilaGo to their discount corner, which is at the far end of the shop, after the shoes section. Discount corner is super awesome! It has really cheap and comfortable, high quality shoes going as low as 4euros. And even high quality leather shoes (Tamaris, OMG!) going at 70% discount. Usually they don’t advertise it so loudly, so I guess this sort of things happen with experience.

2. Go to H&M/Lindex/Alexis 13/Cubus/Seppala. Usually too, discounts are at the far back ends of the shops, for some reason. It’s quite surprising to me too! Usually in Asia–I.e. Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, HK, Shanghai, the biggest discounts are in front. And I find that usually for these stores, there are always some form of discounts going on.

Alexis13, for instance, has SUPER AWESOME BAGS!!! you have to hunt them all out, ok? Just be sharp when you are window shopping. I super approve Alexis13, because not only does it have awesome bags, it has awesome scarfs and shoes. Alexis13 is just next to HnM in Jumbo.

3. If you are not a bargain hunter like I am, but prefer higher-end stuffs, head to Stockmann.

stockmannI think everything at Stockmann is over-priced though, but welllll they are definitely of decent quality. Usually I just go to Stockmann supermarket to buy reindeer meat, cow’s milk cheese and high-quality salmon. I.E., Stockmann equates FOOD.

4. If you are hungry, just pop by K-citymarket Deli to have a bite. Breads in Finland are usually very very cheap as compared to Singaporean standards. You can just get a croissant for 60cents (in USD) How cheap is that?! In Singapore it would have been around USD5, especially at Paris Baguette, which is a huge joke. I hear that in Korea it’s just 1USD. I think sometimes SIngaporeans are really suckers for branding…? Why would you pay USD5 for a Paris baguette croissant?!

paris b

Why would anyone pay USD5 for this?!?!?!

Paris Baguette’s not even a high-end brand, despite yes, it is Korean…?? It’s not even FRENCH LIKE for goodness sake. And during the 1990s, its name was fully in hangul, and when they changed it to English after 2000, the sales shot up because it was more exotic.

Really…people?! ^-^;;; I guess sometimes to me, even if I earn a lot, I will never spend USD5 on a stupid croissant. That’s really silly. Last time a Japanese lady treated me to a USD30 normal INSTANT coffee at the highest level of Swiss Stamford hotel, when we did a meeting. I was just flabbergasted.

5. Oh and just drink tap water from the Deli! Finnish water is very nice,  like! ^-^

6. Just a caveat, in winter time, the fashion sucks EVERYWHERE, it’s ridiculous. It’s like everywhere’s grey and black and white. It’s downright depressing! So I suggest you not do shopping during winter in Finland–even the bags look terrible and are mostly low-quality fake black leather with gold studds. Spring on the other hand, is such a happy atmosphere–there are flowers, colours are bright pastels, and there are good quality bags everywhere. ^_^ It’s like birds are chirping, everyone is happy and owners give sales to celebrate spring.

Take Lindex for example. They ran this during winter, where everywhere is dark.

lindexwinterI have no idea why they’d want to do this. It just made me more depressed even thinking about it.

Granted, you shouldn’t wear florals when it’s winter, but neither should you wear such complex prints right? I think it just makes people more depressed??? SO just don’t shop in Finland during winter, period.

OK hope this short post helps! There’s also a club in Flamingo, next to Jumbo, which is not bad. I went there once during winter, and Nik and I walked all the freaking way home at 4am, because we didn’t want to take the cab. All under -5degreeC when we weren’t even in proper winter attire!  The journey took us 1hour and we semi-regretted halfway, heh.

But jumbo is a really good mall if you LOVE bargains! Definitely got to visit. I never get such good bargains in The Forum.


Finnish Companies/ Finnish Brands, Things to do in Helsinki

Hmm actually I think I might as well start doing a shopping series in Helsinki, on this personal space. ^-^ I’d been shopping so much.

Today I’d be writing about Lindex. Lindex is totally Shibuya-style! They should bring it to Japan, and it’d be 100% popular there. I personally like the designs more than H&M. You know, because H&M is more well known in Asia, we tend to go there for fashion steals and discounts. But Lindex is pretty decent in terms of discounts too, and do consider dropping by this shop sometimes! ^_^


<3 Kate for Lindex <3

Anyway, as you can see, they ARE more Asian/Japanese fashion inspired as compared to H&M or Alexis13. I LOVE their clothes!

In particular I love the kimono top designed by Kate, and also the pretty scarf! On Day 2 when this collection was launched, the scarf went OOS. Can you believe it?? I wanted to buy the scarf on the mannequin even, but the staff told me sorry it was reserved.

Scarf was 14.95Euros. Not cheap, but still out of stock! *_*

You can almost always find really good steals at 9.95Euros at Lindex–such as gorgeous Lindex knitted wear or really nice pastel tops.  They usually have two racks dedicated just for it.


The scarf that quickly went out of stock. 14.95euros.

As for jeans or bottoms, do not spend more than 10euros in Lindex yep!! I think almost everywhere in a typical Finnish shopping mall, you can get decent jeans or bottoms at 6 to 9 euros. And leggings are always dirt cheap when they are on sale, you just need to look out for them! 🙂

Gorgeous top!

Gorgeous top!

And best part, Lindex does have a kids’ section, and for tank tops just get them when they are on 70% sale or something. Myrrmani and Jumbo have super duper good deals in end March/starting April. I got a tank top for TWO EUROS, for instance. Kid’s section, but fits me to a tee coz I’m a relatively petite Asian muhahahaha!

kate5Love Kate Hudson and all her Spring creations! 🙂 So floral and pinkish *_*

Oh yes and thus far I bought a blue top and pink knitted top, for 9.95euros each. Shopping at Lindex makes me so happy! It gives me the motivation to work for more Euros to shop more there haha! 🙂 I think I’m already showing tons of restraint because I’m a student, but once I graduate and start working I foresee spending a lot there! Wish me all the best~