Hmm actually I think I might as well start doing a shopping series in Helsinki, on this personal space. ^-^ I’d been shopping so much.

Today I’d be writing about Lindex. Lindex is totally Shibuya-style! They should bring it to Japan, and it’d be 100% popular there. I personally like the designs more than H&M. You know, because H&M is more well known in Asia, we tend to go there for fashion steals and discounts. But Lindex is pretty decent in terms of discounts too, and do consider dropping by this shop sometimes! ^_^


<3 Kate for Lindex <3

Anyway, as you can see, they ARE more Asian/Japanese fashion inspired as compared to H&M or Alexis13. I LOVE their clothes!

In particular I love the kimono top designed by Kate, and also the pretty scarf! On Day 2 when this collection was launched, the scarf went OOS. Can you believe it?? I wanted to buy the scarf on the mannequin even, but the staff told me sorry it was reserved.

Scarf was 14.95Euros. Not cheap, but still out of stock! *_*

You can almost always find really good steals at 9.95Euros at Lindex–such as gorgeous Lindex knitted wear or really nice pastel tops.  They usually have two racks dedicated just for it.


The scarf that quickly went out of stock. 14.95euros.

As for jeans or bottoms, do not spend more than 10euros in Lindex yep!! I think almost everywhere in a typical Finnish shopping mall, you can get decent jeans or bottoms at 6 to 9 euros. And leggings are always dirt cheap when they are on sale, you just need to look out for them! 🙂

Gorgeous top!

Gorgeous top!

And best part, Lindex does have a kids’ section, and for tank tops just get them when they are on 70% sale or something. Myrrmani and Jumbo have super duper good deals in end March/starting April. I got a tank top for TWO EUROS, for instance. Kid’s section, but fits me to a tee coz I’m a relatively petite Asian muhahahaha!

kate5Love Kate Hudson and all her Spring creations! 🙂 So floral and pinkish *_*

Oh yes and thus far I bought a blue top and pink knitted top, for 9.95euros each. Shopping at Lindex makes me so happy! It gives me the motivation to work for more Euros to shop more there haha! 🙂 I think I’m already showing tons of restraint because I’m a student, but once I graduate and start working I foresee spending a lot there! Wish me all the best~