Today’s article is super exciting, because it’s about the chocolate brand Fazer, a brand which makes me love Finland so, so, so much! I eat Fazer Chocolates at least once a week and the Fazer chocolate line keeps me alive and happy during winter! ^_^

The trademark of Karl Fazer chocolates is the blue. Yes, you heard me right, the “blue” of Karl Fazer is a registered trademark; in Finland, no other chocolate brands can sell their chocolates in this blue. Today, this Fazer blue has become synonymous with premium chocolate richness and quality–there is even no necessity to print the Karl Fazer brand on the wrapping.

Anyway, Blue Fazer is good! Blue for Finland and The Hieno Shops, haha. Fazer chocolates are without a doubt the secret to happiness.

I also hear that there is a Fazer Chocolate factory, but I never had the time to go yet unfortunately. Apparently you can only visit while they have a tour, and not just independently drop by as and when you wish…? My friends told me that there is a eat-all-you-can-Fazer-chocolate buffet after the factory tour, and I was simply awed by that! I’d also heard that there are FAZER GOODIE BAGS given after the tour. (/hyperventilates and dies) Anyway, every bit of it sounds awesome! I’m positive that there are still tons of Fazer I haven’t tried, and I am looking forward to going to the factory one day.

Anyway, to all friends visiting Helsinki, you should get as many Fazer chocolates as possible as souvenir. Simply put–nobody hates chocolates, and everybody loves Fazer. Fazer is different from most other chocolates (especially in Asia) because their chocolates are really rich in texture, and you pretty much taste milk + cocoa instead of funny unhealthy chemicals and coarse sugar. And to be honest, I find Fazer really affordable, cheaper than the average mediocre-tasting chocolate bar in Singapore anyway! (Blame the sky-high Singapore rent!)

On a sidenote, Hokkaido’s trademark Shiroi Koibito (16 pieces) costs around 1050yen from Narita Airport. Fazer chocolates, 400g, cost just under 2.50Euros. ^-^ And you never get sick of Fazer.

I also found this pretty neat 6-minute video about the history of Fazer; watch!

Oh yes, and the Fazer Group has a bakery (which bakes super awesome bread), owns CANDY KING (which is another very awesome mix-and-match chocolate concept, which will be written about in another article), and also operates Fazer Café. I haven’t had a chance to visit Fazer Café too, because I’m always so busy with school/work, but now that it’s summer vacation I’d absolutely make it a point to visit!

So today’s article is essentially my recommendation of some of my favourite Fazer Chocolates:


The Classical Fazer Kismet

This Kismet brand is one of the best selling brands in Finland.  It is made of waffle and nougat, divided into four sections and covered with a layer of rich, beautiful milk chocolate. Extremely rich, a must-try for all chocolate enthusiasts! Fazer has apparently been making Kismet since 1974.


 The Fazer Kismet Fazerina

This is just super awesome. Before you get this, be sure to get the classic flavour (the one before this). This flavour consists of the original hazelnut nougat, but it has this really surprising taste of Fazerina–an orange flavoured milk chocolate by Fazer. The combination is not only heavenly, it is nothing short of a delight!


 Fazer Dumle Mini Cookie

This bag of cookie is to die for, if you are a sucker for caramel. Seriously! Everybody loves Dumle–it is apparently the top favourite caramel toffee in Sweden, Finland’s neighbour. Dumle is lovingly covered in chocolate, and filled with caramel. Super yummy.


Fazer Marianne Cookies

Marianne is a really cool chocolate brand in its own rights, and Fazer combines the best of Marianne’s peppermint flavored filling, and mixes it with its own rich cocoa chocolate. It is mad love, super addictive, and be sure to eat them with coffee!


 Fazer Chilli Chocolate Bar

This sounds ridiculous right??? But actually it is an interesting chocolate milk bar. It’s crunchy, mildly spicy and extremely crispy! I taste some rice in it actually as well. It’s not as spicy as it seems though, at least for me. Be sure to watch this cute video when the chocolate was first launched! 🙂

Such a cute baby girl haha!


Fazer Blueberry X Raspberry

This chocolate combines both the fresh tastes of blueberry and raspberry, and mixes it with dark chocolate. Heavenly! The berries accentuates the richness of the dark chocolate.


 Fazer Dark Chocolate

The ultimate dark chocolate with 47% cocoa. Extremely heavenly! ‘Nuff said.

 Fazerina Cookie

Lovely orange-flavoured cookie with truffle. I think it’s the third time I’m talking about this in a single article. 😛


Fazer White Chocolate with strawberry and raspberry

THIS IS MAD LOVE. This special chocolate has a dark chocolate base (again, 47% cocoa, a guaranteed happy base), and a white chocolate covering on top. It has a refreshing taste that is flavoured with red berries, strawberry and raspberries. Super yummy!


Karl Fazer Raspberry Yoghurt

I don’t even know where I should start describing this. It’s not too sweet, and you can eat this the whole day! Basically you can even fool yourself into thinking that you are just eating chocolate. In addition, it’s a really good remedy when you are stressed–because it somehow works like a happy pill.


 Fazer dark chocolate with orange and crisps.

It’s crispy, its tangerine-y, it’s dark chocolate! Quite a good mix. ^_^


 Fazer SUSU Original Snack

SUSU is somehow always very comforting for me. I have no idea why. Perhaps it is because of the rice fillings and the caramel? I think whenever someone bites into the rice part of it, there is an indescribable sense of happiness. And oh, don’t get me started on the rich chocolate again. This is the must-have snack when you are studying.


Fazer Angry Birds…something.

I bought this because of the Angry Bird’s packaging, to bribe Singaporean kids into running errands for me. Not going to expect much, haha!


 Karl Fazer Moomin…something.

Not sure about this–I haven’t tried it myself! I bought it because of the packaging. I’d let you guys know how it tastes like after trying.

And last but not least, presenting…SalmYIAK.



Fazer Super Salmiakki Lollipop

Okay I mean “Salmiakki”. It’s terrible tasting, and probably the only thing made by Fazer that I truly hated. But you got to try this at least once in Finland. I think it costs only 30cents euros so it’s no big loss.

I hope you have enjoyed this article today! So, don’t waste your money on stupid useless souvenirs targeted at tourists. Just buy Fazer; it is worth every cent, and more! 😛 Now you know why I can never lose weight in Finland–Fazer is simply too irresistible!