“It’s not what you spend but how you wear it that counts. The key is often to dress up inexpensive basics with accessories. Something like a beautiful designer bag or belt can make everything else look richer and more luxurious.”

–Chloe Sevigny


(Picture Sources: Glitter Suomi’s Facebook page!)

Today we are going to feature our favourite accessories shop, Glitter Suomi. They are not only awesome in their accessories offering– we especially heart their content marketing as well! This is truly a store that does marketing with pride. Without a doubt, they are the thought leader of the Finnish fashion accessories market. Anyway, if you drop by their store recently, you’d be seeing the copy that this lady is holding:


This copy!


And it’s free! you can just pop by the shop to take one. It’s worth every effort. And here’s the link to the exact online eguide for curious Singaporeans.

Basically, this guidebook teaches you how to use Glitter accessories to create awesome looks! And Glitter’s content marketing doesn’t end there. They have an awesome youtube channel as well, which provides really clear guides on how to do your hair.

Here are our top three favorites:

Volumizing Bun

Half-up Flower Bun

New Donut with pearls!

Really easy-to-follow guides, focusing on the HAIR instead of demonstrators who sometimes talk too much! 😀 Glitter really make gorgeous hairdos look so effortless.

Well some might feel that they offer their products at a premium price, for instance, as compared to Asian markets, or ebay. But I think their accessories are worth every cent you pay! Here are three reasons why this is so:

1. Glitter deeply understood what we ladies shoppers want.

Simply put, accessories business is pretty much the same anywhere you go. A bobby pin is a bobby pin is a bobby pin. A scrunchie is a scrunchie is a scrunchie. Customers who enter an accessories shop are essentially not looking for just basics. They want beautiful hair, a gorgeous look, and essentially a style that suits them.

If accessories shops were to compete on price, there would be no end to it. Neither would it add value to the consumers. Glitter clearly understood this, and seeks to surpass consumer’s expectations by showing them what they can do with the Glitter accessories. In fact, they also sometimes have in-store events like this:


Which clearly generates interest! Getting a free, professionally done hair-do in Glitter? For customers, that’s a clear proposition of service and value.

2. The marketers behind Glitter are probably really passionate about accessories themselves. 

Have you ever met some marketers belonging to certain companies who don’t give two hoots about the brand or product they are representing? I have.

They would be saying things such as “Oh I just do the minimal for my brand marketing, I just want to get home on time.”

But it’s clear that Glitter’s group of marketers are not like that. They are not only creative, they really do seem to go the extra mile into seeing things from the consumer’s perspective. This is why, as a social media manager myself, I heart them and I think they are awesome!

And…point three is probably the most important.

3. Glitter made our team and other fans more than delighted to pay the premium. It’s almost like a pleasure to pay. 

They never fail to delight us! Whenever we are in need for hair inspiration, we would just hop into a Helsinki Glitter store and be bedazzled by the myriad of beautiful accessories. I view that as the most important, because they always exceed their customer’s expectations and imaginations.

Before I end this post, let me conclude with another quote:


😀 [Taken from www.Fontcrafts.com! 🙂 ]

Here are the locations where you can find them in the Helsinki larger region:

Espoo Ainoa || Espoo Iso Omena || Espoo Sello || Helsinki City Center || Helsinki Forum || Helsinki Itis || Helsinki Kaari || Helsinki Malmin Nova || Vantaa Jumbo || Vantaa Myyrmanni ||

Have fun shopping at Glitter!