“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”
― Yoko Ono

It’s certainly getting cold in Suomi now, isn’t it?  Today I am going to reminiscent how beautiful Finland is during autumn.

Whenever we think of “Finland”, snow and Santa Claus automatically comes to mind. But few people actually do know how romantic Finland can be, during Autumn! Temperature during this season is an average of a cooling 10 degrees.

The Finns call the Autumn leaf colour “ruska”, and “ruska” exhibited by the many forests in Finland is actually highly welcome by locals and foreigners alike. I know it might be difficult for some Singaporeans to imagine the tranquility behind what I am seeing right now, but gosh—you can actually come to Finland to look at really pretty trees! My boyfriend and I went on a date in the forest outside our house on Saturday, and we took some pictures:


A photo of our new instax camera. Even the grass has such visually-pleasing colours!


Random mushrooms growing on the forest grounds. They are so cute, no?


This is a typical “ruska” maple leaf. I love the vibrancy and melancholy of the colour.


More leaves on our way out!!

During autumn, Finns love going on hikes, canoeing and fishing. During hikes, berry picking is a very popular activity as well—they pick lingon berries and even strawberries mostly! There is a law in Finland that states that everyone is permitted to pick berries in forests, so berry-picking is a rather fun and popular activity here. Just don’t pick the wrong ones!

I guess we all get melancholic during autumn, because it marks the end of a vibrant summer, and the start of a chilly winter. I did experience a shift in outlook on life after 9 months staying in Finland. In Singapore, we are always surrounded by tall buildings and living fast-paced routines. Everyone is somehow chasing deadlines, answering to demanding bosses and clients, and basically overtime is common. Well, while the sunshine throughout the year something to be happy about as opposed to the harshness and darkness of winter, Singapore’s humid, and sometimes we might lose track of time.

In Finland however, people are surrounded by forests, nature and legs. There is also seasons, which I think make people feel that life is transient—really. The beautiful seasons remind us of the circle of life, and perhaps even how death is inevitable. And the circle repeats as time passes.

I actually love the changing of colours of the beautiful trees. Jogging amongst a canopy of golden leaves is really a captivating experience—and after two days, you realize they have turned brown! In Singapore, I always found it a chore to jog (well to lose weight I force myself to run), but in Finland, jogging is really a pleasure.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed a peek into what autumn in Finland is like! Do visit Finland one day.

Photo Credits: All photos by The Finnish Boyfriend.