Hey guys! I’d just like to blog a quick memo about Fazer before I sleep. As a fan of Fazer chocolates, I love blogging about Fazer…Check out the previous review I did for Fazer!

Today I had the opportunity to go to Fazer factory (was super happy!) and our guide told us Fazer actually paired up with Rovio to chiefly to enter the Asian market. The logic was that Fazer is relatively unknown to Asia, and that’s why it needs to leverage on the Angry Birds’ success.

I was shell-shocked at this reasoning.

You see, in East and Southeast Asia, chocolates that are paired with game/cartoon characters usually taste really terrible. This is something that my circle of friends and I regard as #truth. Think about it: If a brand’s chocolate is so amazing, why would you need a character to boost your sales? Personally I avoid all chocolates paired with characters from Disney/Universal Studios because I’m dead sure they will taste like high blood-pressure inducing sugar. And even if I were to buy a chocolate with a cartoon character on it (e.g. Meiji Pokemon Chocolates), it’s because the chocolate is already well-known and reputable, not because I like the character.

If I like the cartoon character, I might as well buy a soft toy right?!?!

Fazer’s biggest asset is quality chocolate. Personally, my Singaporean friends and I LOVE Fazer chocolates because we can actually taste milk and chocolate in the Fazer line, especially the classic Fazer blue. Have you tried the chocolates in Singapore? Most taste terrible; it feels like you’re eating sugar instead of real chocolates.

So dear Fazer, if you want to enter the Asian market, I think you can do way better just on the Fazer name. Rovio branding is only pulling you down– by equating the Fazer brand to terrible tasting, mediocre character-branded chocolates that are rampant in Asia. It’s almost like pairing a Prada bag with LV shoes. Why? In a place where nobody knows Prada, LV will just outshine it by leaps and bounds. Is this how you treat a Prada bag???

I bet Geisha, for instance, are selling like hot cakes!

Dear Fazer, I really hope you see this perspective as well, because it’s my wish that Fazer can have a shop in Singapore one day. You have no idea how many kilograms I drag back to Singapore due to friends’ requests whenever I return for a vacation.

And meanwhile you should really try the terrible tasting chocolates so rampant in Asia to understand why you will be so welcomed in Asia.

Dear Fazer, let your quality shine– as expected of Fazer Chocolates!