“Ever since linen discovered me I have cherished the thought of using this material to bring happiness and light to those around me.

The tradition of treating linen fibre to thread, and from there on to a fabric, dates back thousands of years and remains intact until this day. At times forgotten then discovered anew. The same familiar fabric, as used by our foremothers, dyed with care and gentle respect for the fibre.

My guiding principle is “intuitive dressing”. Combining tradition with the winds of modernity. Present the chance to enjoy a symphony of colours and the harmony they create.

Designs and colours arise from my heart. The sewing is cared for by masters of Finnish handicraft.”

— Carina

I really love this shop– “Carinan Tarina”–which means “Carina’s Story”. I think Carina expressed her life mission very eloquently in the quote above. You can tell how much I adore the shop from the number of pictures I took–with close to no edits! Everything in this shop is made-in-Finland, so I personally view it as a MUST-GO if you are in Helsinki. If you are a fan of vibrant colours, linen fibre and wood like myself, this shop is made for you.


Unsurprisingly, they are endorsed as a Helsinki Design Destrict Store!

Here are the accessories:

I love the bold usage of colours. Vibrant, striking, much love!

“Oi, kun hieno!”

They also have this really exquisite set of jewelry that uses precious stones. So pretty.


Oh yes, and according to Heidi, ceramics is used to make them. And it needs to be placed into the oven for a few hours, and then taken out to be hand-painted. Super creative.

And here’s Heidi, the maker of these accessories!

I really adore Heidi! We had such a happy chat. One of the conversation went along the lines of–

“You have such BEAUTIFUL collections! How come I can’t find much about Carinantarina online???? Why don’t you write stuffs online that you are good???”

She replied–

“Well, it isn’t very long ago, perhaps 100 years back, that Finns still stayed in forests you know? And they stayed alone or in small groups, and are extremely shy. It really isn’t that long back. We are shy!”

That’s too cute! :DDDD Indeed, a tranquil narrative true to the spirit of the shop–life, forest, light, nature.

But it’s OK, whatever PR they are too shy to do, I’d have part of the honour of doing for them via this post!! ^-^ That’s an honour 🙂

Anyway I bought a ring from Heidi:

The ring looks like this. So magical, somehow! You can use it as a scarf ring too! I named it: “Rachz”. I don’t know why, but the dark and azure blue reminds me of hope.

Anyway, check out their website www.carinantarina.fi too! And here’s the shop front:


Eerikinkatu 7
00100 Helsinki

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 11-18
Sat 11-15

Like them too on facebook! ^-^
If you have any questions, feel free to email them at: carinantarina@gmail.com.

They would LOVE to hear from you! 🙂