Hey guys~ Wow, the past three days had been nothing short of crazy and amazing at #slush14! My feet are utterly sore now from running around in heels for the past three days. 🙁 Well what to do, I’m very short and most Europeans are on average quite tall–it’s a brick-or-sea choice between feet or neck ache. I am happy that I chose to look good, at least!

I want to begin with a heart of thank yous to two parties: Firstly, I want to thank the crazily efficient #slush media team for approving The Hieno!’s media all-access pass even though I sent in the application at 2am on Monday. In all honesty, I had been so busy recently with the setting up of my new company (more details later) that I had completely lost track of happenings in Finland. It is with a grateful heart that I thank everyone in the slush media team for such the positive spirit, energy and vision:

media team

In particular,

  • Thank you Tiina for granting the pass so efficiently. You’re an awesome leader. Please catch up on your sleep deficit; I’m pretty sure you’d been working round the clock for the past three days or more!
  • Thank you Mia for being super professional even when you’re not feeling well, and catering so well to the media/press folks in the media lounge;
  • Thank you Vilma for being the first #slush press volunteer I met at Monday’s press conference–again, randomly! You have no idea how much your presence always makes me happy somehow! 🙂
  • Thank you Shan Qiu for letting me know that the above photo is precious!! 🙂 You know, I always believe that the media/PR team is connected by a strong yet invisible thread of mission that makes us endearing to each other.

Next I want to thank Sari–my super smart Aalto University friend– for mentioning this #slush14 to me haha! 🙂 I think Finland is still largely a “forest economy” and I really do appreciate when people randomly mention events to me–because I’m tend to be overwhelmed with work most of the time!

Good job, the #slush14 team! ^-^