…Yes, I gave up. I gave up on the concept of competing.

I don’t want to compete anymore.

People are somewhat sometimes against the concept of “giving up”. But I think giving up is really good sometimes, because choices don’t exist in a vacuum. It’s always a matter of “I give up” Vs “[insert something]”.

The “something” isn’t vacuum. In other words, it’s a perfectly valid and viable alternative.

Therefore, when someone says “I give up”, he actually does mean “I give up X in favour of Y”. What is this “Y”, then?

For my case, I give up on the concept of competing in favour of the concept of pursuing my vision. It’s kind of weird that I learnt–or was taught– the concept of “vision” thus late. Competition is actually a severe, destabilizing, disenchanting form of distraction towards any form of learnt-vision.

And when I saw that, I gave it all up. Once you learn and own a vision, competition becomes obviously, a cheap and inferior alternative. 🙂