(One of the hottest Finnish boys: Lauri Kalima: Source)

Today I am going to write a fangirl post on the 7 reasons as to why I think Finnish boys are hot. ♡  Heehee I’d warned you! ♡♡♡♡

I am writing this because I think Finnish boys are so underrated as compared to Finnish ladies, or boys of other cultures (e.g: why Japanese boys are hot, why Korean boys are hot, why Swedish boys are hot, why Norwegian boys are hot, and EVEN why Singaporean guys are hot wtf.) You see, you can easily find raves on Finnish ladies all over the internet (read= here, here and here) , with even a book written on “How to Marry a Finnish Girl“. I think Finnish girls are hot too but unfortunately I’m not turned on by ladies, even though I like to look at them. =(

I think there is only one drool-worthy post on Finnish boys, i.e. the 14 Finnish men who are so hot that you would need to cool down. /nosebleed. However, that post is mainly on looks and it does not give you the precise reasons as to why Finnish men are hot. So I’d write this post to do my Finnish guy friends a bit of justice.

Here we go!

Reason #7: Finnish boys tend to have really good skin!


(Picture of Jonne Aaron. Source)

If you are an Asian lady like myself and don’t know what I mean by this, you should experiment on a Finnish boy and feel for yourself what is “good skin”. Go and touch their skin (say, on the arm)–it’s actually bouncy! (Or “QQ” as we Chinese would like to say it) The texture of a Finn’s skin and the texture of the Asian skin is different.

Sidenote: Even our hair texture is different, dear lord. Please go ahead to feel your friend’s hair.

Apart from genes, I personally attribute this good skin to a general lack of sunlight and UV rays in Finland + the rejuvenating effect of the Finnish sauna. Also, the high quality of oxygenated water in Finland might play a part in this. For example, my boyfriend use close to ZERO facial products at all, but his skin is clear, soft and smooth– and he doesn’t get wrinkles.

It’s not just the celebrities who have nice skin. I think it’s nearly everyone–even the average Finnish guy on the street will tend to have nice skin. It’s so unfair, honestly– I spend so much $$$ on SK-II.

Reason #6: A good number of Finnish guys have tattoos and nice hair colour.

I’m very sensitive to tattoos. A few of my Finnish classmates have had me staring at their tattoos–and this is regardless of whether they are guys or ladies. Whenever I see tattoos on clear, pale skin, I’d stare in admiration.

E.g. Kimi Räikkönen! ♡♡♡♡



Also, as a matter of personal preferences, I prefer ash blonde– like my boyfriend’s hair colour, or Kimi’s hair colour–to bright blonde. The logic is simple: If the hair colour is too bright, it hurts your eye. Ash blonde on the other hand, is pleasant to look at against pale skin. QED! ^^

So yes, no offense to Swedish and Norwegian folks….remember: It’s a matter of personal preferences! Don’t scold me in the comments!

Reason #5: Finnish guy couples are so super sweet!!

Have you heard of Tom of Finland? He does erotic art like the following about Finnish guy couples. This particular series was made by the Finnish Post Office into stamps:




Anyway, there are tons of hot Finnish gay couples and OMG I can just fangirl about them the whole damn day! It’s pretty terrible–knowing that they are couples makes me rave even more, because I know that they won’t get the wrong idea about me (that I am trying to hit on them), and we have a mutual understanding that I sincerely LOVE their couple-hood.

Because they look so good and kind together!

Here are just two examples of Finnish boys couples that I LOVE OMG! /fangirls and dies.

1. Pekka Haavisto and his partner Antonio



I’d watched Pekka Haavisto do the opening keynote speech at a conference titled “Tomorrow” in June this year, and I am full of respect for him. He’s a Finnish politician with super noble ideals and I think he is very, very kind, from the way he says things, and the things he says. And I love how sweet he looks with Antonio here. So loving!! ♡♡

2. Otto Izakaya–Otto and Alex.



I feel happy just by looking at this couple!!!! They are so cute OMG!! ♡♡♡♡

And so much cuter together!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Do check the blog Otto Izakaya out. They do a lot of campaigns for good social causes too. For more great visuals of themselves, you should also stal–I mean, check out–their instagram. (Otto’s, Alex’s, Alex’s best friend Eero’s)

There are more sweet Finnish boy couples but you can just google them out. I shall stop because I am starting to nosebleed.

Reason #4: Finnish boys tend to be honest in relationships.

What I mean by honesty is not that they won’t cheat on you. I’d heard many stories about:

  • A) My Finnish guy friend cheating on his girlfriend;
  • B) My Finnish guy friend cheating on his wife;
  • C) My Finnish girl friend who got cheated on.

However, in all three cases, the couple will break up quite soon after. I haven’t gotten the chance to know a Finnish person who is two-timing anybody for more than 3 months, for example. Based on my friends’ experiences so far, within 3 months of a change of heart due to whatever reason, they’d just break up and not lead their partners on.

So, my impression is that the average Finnish boy is pretty honest in his relationship with you! If the heart changes, he’d let you know instead of lead you on. So even if they have extra-marital affairs, they’d let you know, so that you can rationally decide, as an adult, whether to continue the relationship. And if he likes you, usually long-distance relationships will work out.

As for my boyfriend, we are very honest and direct with each other, and we do give each other a high level of freedom. My ex-boyfriend was Japanese, and the experience was the exact opposite, so in retrospect I really appreciate this Finnish boy for the high level of trust!

Reason #3: Finnish boys build houses. 

OKAY–coming from Singapore, I am honestly very amazed by guys who can build houses.

Dear Lord! How can you have a boyfriend who can build houses?!?!

No, like seriously, how can pretty boys build houses?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! My boyfriend’s dad for instance, builds houses during his free time, and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend can build a house too.

Look at this summer cottage!



Don’t you find it amazing that a Finnish boy can build a house like that?

Reason #2: Finnish guys have this mixture of monotone in speech + shyness + frown + common sense + prefer not to talk too much, if at all. Which is so cute! ♡

I think people in general in Finland are drawn to logic. So basically when you are dating a Finnish boy, he probably will rarely ask you “How do you feel?”

Instead, he will just grunt + show his care and concern through his practical actions. This is excellent, because you don’t have to give long, long replies about how you feel, which he will probably listen only out of obligation anyway.

Also, the typical Finnish boy will never look into your eyes and tell you things like “You’re so beautiful, it’s a sin”, or “You’re the most beautiful and charming lady on planet Earth”, etcetc. I know the average French and Italian folks do that, but Finnish boys tend not to, which I greatly appreciate.

Because I cannot stand listening to mushy stuffs. I rather a guy feed me.

Regarding monotone-ness: I do treat it as the charm of a Finnish boy. You see, when I first started dating The Boyfriend, for half a year I couldn’t understand his monotone English because it’s so damn monotone. But because The Boyfriend is way smarter than yours truly, he could however, understand MY heavily accented Singaporean English.

Initially his monotone English was really terrible for our interaction, because I couldn’t understand a word! I was just nodding and smiling and looking at his nice skin but not registering what he is saying. In addition, he was talking about some C++ advanced coding to me which I was like,

“-smiles- ????????? What is this cute boy talking about…??????? OMG why does he have such good skin??? OMG why is he so cute??? ♡♡♡ He has green eyes too OMG so cute!!!! ♡♡♡ ♡♡♡ ♡♡♡ ♡♡♡ ♡♡♡ ♡♡♡ ♡♡♡ “

Superficial? Yes! Who isn’t!

But by some magic, after 6 months I got used to this monotone-ness. Or maybe, he just became less monotone. I think it’s the latter, because to be honest, I’m not as smart as The Boyfriend is, doh.

Reason #1: Finnish boys will cook for you! ^^

At least my boyfriend does–and quite regularly! But sometimes he calls me “olio”, which is “creature” in Finnish.

He feeds me salmon.

So maybe, sometimes he thinks I’m a cat? I miau too when I’m happy! ♡

Anyway, I do prefer salmon over roses.  I also prefer smoked salmon over 20Euros. I’m not sure if I’m weird. Oh whatever. So weird.


Okay that’s all for today! I’m nose-bleeding to death! Good night! ♡♡♡