[A caveat: This post is written in a light-hearted and bimbotic manner. Treat it lightly! I hope you get a Finnish boyfriend!]

Previously, I wrote on the 7 reasons as to why Finnish boys are hot.

Today I’m going to write another fangirl post on how to get a Finnish boyfriend. ♡ HAHA I’m a bit drunk now–I’m so happy! 😀 Initially I had 2 reaction papers to hand in by midnight but the deadline was postponed. ♡

So I have a bit of time to write this post with a bottle of red wine. ^^ Here are the 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Thou shall drink!

alcohol finland

To get a Finnish boyfriend, drinking is essential! So make sure you drink alcohol.

CHOYA, umeshu, red wine, white wine, tequila, cocktails, beer…you get my drift!

Then hang out at some random parties so that you can talk to the boy!

Step 2: Be intelligent!


Finns are pretty logical and appreciate intelligence!

So please don’t sound like an airhead–have a bit of an opinion and bitchiness!

Step 3: Be proactive!

finnish flirting

I haven’t heard of a Finnish boy rejecting a girl before–so you should be fine if you’re proactive! Just be honest and confess if you like the boy. If you fail, just move on. If you try to confess to 5 guys in sequence, I’m sure you’d get (at least) 1 Finnish guy!

Step 4: Shower him with tons of tender loving care!

finnish boyfriend

Hug more! It’s cold in winter!

Oh anyway, somehow the body temperature of a Finn and that of a Chinese person is different–the Finn’s body temperature is always higher. So you can steal some heat by hugging!

Okay that’s all! It sounds simple enough, right? 😀

Actually I think Finnish boys are honestly underrated. They’re very straightforward (especially the engineers) and can build tons of stuffs. If however, you end up with a Business Finn, those gentlemen tend to be a little bit harder to fathom, because they believe in “the Art of being Vague” and are more political.


OK I’m done –have a great week ahead! I guess this post was so easy because Finnish boys are pretty uncomplicated.

P.S. To find out if a Finnish guy likes you, just ask.

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