Hey folks! Tonight I will be writing about the recent funding cuts involving Finnish universities because I honestly am pissed off. A Summary: Under the name of (economic) “austerity”, the current Finnish government headed by the 3 “S”–Juha Sipila (Keskusta), Alexander Stubb (Kokoomus) and Timo Soini (Perussuomalaiset) suggested cuts amounting to €500 million (US$556 million)…


  1. I can’t blame you for being Pissed Off So am I. Current Finnish Government is ideas Bankrupt meaning that Mr Stubb and his Robin Hood mates has lost their Grey Matter while running around the Porvoo parks chasing dog shit and he may have stepped in it as well, surely smells that way.
    It is sad that such massive cuts are made into heart of Finland its Universities that have served the nation so well over years. What is the answer? change Government which understands the value of universities to Finland and for world at large. I am getting radicalized big time, single malt tonight maybe two!

  2. In the Netherlands a similar re-organization towards the neoliberal university model let to a whole lot of cutbacks on primarily humanities faculties:


    Eventually people started to resist under the banner: De Nieuwe Universiteit (The New University)


    I have tried to categorize this global transformation process towards the neoliberal university in order to visualize the many forms in which it transpires: in order to raise awareness and point towards strategies to resist.

    University Inc: the corporate corruption of Higher Education: http://bit.ly/1NKALf6

    there are worldwide many groups http://www.pearltrees.com/t/freedom-choice/collaborative-initiatives/id4147659 that resist this corruption.

    contact them* and learn from each other, greetings

    * for example Amsterdam https://twitter.com/hetMaagdenhuis (students) http://twitter.com/RethinkUvA (UvA Staff members ) a very active group in NL’s


    1. Hey bro! Thank you for all the links: These are fascinating!

      I think Japanese universities are also cutting back on their humanities education, but they do so on the grounds of “usefulness” and “uselessness”. There seems to be a prevailing view that anything that doesn’t directly generate output for the economy these days is seen as “unproductive”. I think this is not a healthy mentality, because innovation is generated precisely due to a community’s broad-mindedness.

      Hope better things happen for Dutch universities! 🙂

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