Hmm today I want to make some random observations about how “business” and “money” are conceptualised in both Finland and Singapore. Caveat/ HUOM: Quite some people tend to lapse into this voodoo “The grass is greener on the other side” mental framework when conceptualizing differences in both countries. For example, they might tend to compare…


  1. I think got it wrong in saying that Finnish companies don’t want to do business globally. You gave two examples Nokia and Rovio Nokia is far from being failed company it is very profitable and world wide just because they lost in sector does not mean that it is no longer large player it is and will be for long time. Rovio is different entirely it designs games which fly by night at the best every where. What about Metso extremely large global player in mining, Outokumpu is another that comes to mind. I almost fell over when you stated that Finnish companies are not innovative I suggest you do your research more thoroughly, start from ship building of ice breakers and have look at Swan yachts. Finnish companies are also up there in paper as number one innovator of all times when it comes to paper making and machinery. Bio companies are also worth mentioning.
    What about the Metsä Fiber in Aaanekoski it will be entirely up there that no one else have that kind of technology. Difference is that Singapore is more of a financial hub rather than player in industrial heavy engineering other than oil and gas but technology for that is not Singaporean it is from Holland and UK and Finland Let me know what you think

    1. Where did I say that finnish companies are not innovative?

      I’m saying that they are VERY innovative but MOST are not targetting markets beyond Finland.

      Haha, really? Nokia handsets didn’t fail?

      1. I think the miscommunication here is that you were talking about Nokia phones, while Markku is talking about Nokia the company (which, while no longer a giant, is still a player).

        In my experience, Finns are really obsessed about targetting foreign markets. This to the point that state economic policies have been prioritizing export industries over those targeting domestic markets for decades. The mistake we Finns make is to look for the one big industry to replace the last big industry. When I was a child, the saying was, Finland lives off the forest (a reference to Finland exporting a lot of wood products like paper and wood-processing technology like paper machines). When I was at University, Finland was suddenly seen (by Finns) as the high-tech capital of the world, largely led by Nokia. And now that Nokia is no longer the giant it was, everybody’s looking for the next big thing. A couple of years ago, the next big thing was supposed to be games. I’m not sure what the current buzz is, having recently emerged from my PhD 🙂

        1. Hello Antti!

          Interesting that you are saying that. Please don’t mind my curt responses with markku– haha we are sometimes squabbling, even on Facebook–It’s how we communicate.

          Can you clarify what you mean by “targeting”?

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