hot finnish girls

(Source. One of the most beautiful Finnish girls: Emma Schnitt from The Voice of Finland, Season 3)

Hey folks! Today I am going to blog about the 7 reasons why Finnish girls are hot. Quick post while waiting for salmon to cook. ♡ If you want to know how to get a Finnish girlfriend, read here.

Background/ benchmark of my beauty ideals: Um…I don’t know why it seems like a taboo for a girl to look at a girl even though she is not turned on by girls. It’s so weird! I talked about this in a Fashion and Consumer Behavior class at Aalto with my Singaporean (exchange student) friend, and she agreed that girls look at girls pretty much all of the time.

However, a Finnish lady sitting next to me was like “Really!?!?!? you look at girls more than you look at guys?!?!?!?!”

I don’t understand why it is strange! Here are some examples of ladies whom I think who are hot, from all over the world: Aishwarya Rai (India), Madhuri Dixit (India), Yukie Nakama (Japan), Angelababy (China), Song Ji-hyo (Korea), Tang Wei (China), Siti Nurhaliza (Malaysia–OMG I used to go crazy over her), Thale Jørstad (Norwegian), Monika (The Phillipines), Charmaine Sheh (Hong Kong), Jamie Yeo (Singapore).

If I didn’t list your country, it is not that your country has no hot ladies– it is simply that I am not informed enough about your country  to know who is hot there.

And one of my favorite past-time with my Singaporean guy “bros” is to look at hot ladies at cafe, or walking past cafes along Orchard Road, one of the busiest shopping district in Singapore. As you know, Singapore is pretty cosmopolitan so we have all sort of pretty and hot ladies in town all the time! It’s eye candy for us hehehe.

So without further ado, here are the 5 reasons why Finnish girls are hot. ♡

Reason #5: Finnish girls have good skin!


(Source. Pihla Viitala)

It’s the same reason as Finnish boys! Sauna, good air and high-quality water, no UV rays because no sun in Finland = Good skin!

Reason #4: Finnish girls can pull off a magical fairy-like look with silver/white/ pink hair!


(Source. Laura Birn)

Honestly, just look at Laura Birn. She looks like a fairy who just walked out of a fairy tale book.

The best thing about being naturally (light) blond is that you can dye whatever colour you like to your hair without bleaching, and that colour can come out strong. For Asian darker coloured hair, you have to bleach your hair and that really damages it X10000.

However, this is not the best thing about Finnish girls. The best thing is that they can look naturally elf-ish/ pixie-ish, which is totally cool, like this:



I remember one time when we were still staying in Vantaa. I saw this really hot Finnish lady with SILVER HAIR walking along the streets, while I was on the bus. I was really amazed! How can someone have such long beautiful silver hair and pale skin? She’s like–a pixie or something. Such a mysterious look and magical vibe!

There is also this really amazing photoshoot done by Miki Toikkanen (more on her in reason #5) on Salla-Marja Hätinen (Of Sallan ja Miron matka maailman ympäri). 

Miki Did It Photography



Reason #3: Finnish girls are so cute!

Check out Miki and Noora! ♡♡♡♡♡♡



So cute OMG!

Miki is also crazy talented as a photographer. You can check her portfolio out here and visit her store Winkie Winkie here.

They can also be passionate!


(Source. Eurovision 2013)

Hot! ♡

Reason #2: Some Finnish ladies are very independent, but actually secretly girly.



Okay in my previous post, I spoke about how I have two Finnish friends who are secretly girly, because they like Hello Kitty but are sort of ashamed to admit it in public as liking Hello Kitty is deemed as non adult-like.

These two Finnish ladies, however, are very, very independent. For example, I realised they can fix cars. o.O. I can’t even drive OMG–because of the fear that I might kill someone due to reckless driving. :X

Did I mention that my boyfriend’s “bro” has this really awesome Finnish girlfriend who used to drive him home at 3am after the overnight gaming at our house? She’s super sweet and pretty also. What a sweetie–I personally will never drive anyone home at 3am, even if I can drive haha!

So if you happen to date a Finnish girl, you can rest assured that she is independent in the sense that she can do all the practical stuffs, but can also be very girly and feminine in private. ^^

Reason #1: The Nordic ideal of beauty tends to be health. Finnish girls tend to be healthy and they glow!

Perhaps I need to explain more here.

You see, in Korea/Japan/China/ Singapore, the ideal of feminine beauty is to be as fair (like Snow-white fair) as possible.Whenever I buy beauty products for my Nordic friends as presents, I have to be very careful to make sure that there are no whitening properties in these products, because “fair” is not an ideal in Nordic regions, as it makes Nordic girls look pale and maybe even give the impression that they are feeling ill.

Also, in the Japan/Korea/China/Singapore context, it is important to be slim. Whether you are the “healthy” sort of slim or the “no muscle” sort of slim is irrelevant.  This is why sometimes ladies go to South Korea to cut off some leg muscles to attain skinny legs. It’s a real thing, not a joke at all! Actually in South Korea parents sponsor their daughters plastic surgery packages as a present after their high-school graduation too. It’s simply a socially-accepted (and welcomed) ritual.

In Finland however, the ideal of beauty is health. Therefore most Finnish ladies pay attention to what they eat or drink, and work out quite often. They also tend to use ethically-produced/ organic products.

And if you think about this closely, this concept of “being comfortable in your own skin” is pretty appealing, and makes a girl pretty hot. =) FTW for loving yourself just as you are, sistarrrr

Okay actually this post was originally titled “7 reasons” but my salmon is cooked, so I am going to eat now! Just figure out the remaining 2 yourself. ♡

Hope you’d enjoyed this post, and have a great Friday ahead! 🙂