Today I am going to blog about the 5 reasons why you should visit Finland in 2016. ^^* Put Finland on your bucket list NOWWWWW before the Northern Lights dims for a decade! =)

I honestly think that Finland is a perfect gateway for super-stressed people. If you need a well-deserved break, then Finland is a great place to be. There is fresh air, high quality water, pretty forests…and most importantly, you can feel that you are completely at one with nature. The whole holiday experience can definitely be classified as therapeutic.

I think you can even “find yourself” in Finland, because being here allows you to throw away the troubles at work and really slow down. The whole holiday experience will be different from that of say, Japan or Korea, because you can even hear the clear sound of silence here. (After all you don’t come to Finland to do shopping, ha-ha). If you are a nature enthusiast, or a YOLO type of person, then make this year 2016 the year you visit! 🙂

All photos by Sami Multasuo. Feel free to follow him on instagram too.

Reason #5. There are cute and friendly BEARS!

Play with me! by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

Aren’t these bears so cute??? They’re playing with each other in the wild. Yes, you can see bears at certain places in the wild forests–an estimated 1500 of them– and they are all protected under Finnish law.  Bears have freedom of movement and they roam about freely in forests and the wilderness, but usually they try to avoid people.


Bear by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

The Mummy Bear! 😀

Yes! So come to Finland to see a random bear! ^^ You can book a bear-sighting trip here. Check this website out!

Reason #4: There are tons of cute dogs.

Okay, cute dogs are everywhere in the world, but what if you put dogs against nice seasonal backdrops?

For example–a winter dog.

Smooth Collie by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

Or an autumn dog.

Dog II by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

Or a wistful looking, pensive dog under a sky filled with stars! *_*

Orion and Dog by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

In addition, when you come to Finland, look out for the pugs. Finnish pugs in winter are especially cute! 🙂 They look really frowny and you’d just want to pinch them all the time. /winks. Also, when they are walking on snow they somehow seem super cold, which makes them frown-ier.

Reason #3. There are super amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Honestly, you’d never get tired of looking at the pretty skies in Finland, when there is a sun. :p There are many colourful skies around!

For instance, this:

Cloudy Sunset by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com


Birds on the Rocks by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com


Sunset over the lake Pitsus by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com


Day Before Christmas Eve by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

Or this!

Old Barn by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

Reason #2: Because there are cute boys and girls.

Cute boys post. || Cute girls post. Tons of eye candy too. ^^

While you are here, remember to try the sauna too, so that you’d look as nice as people living in Finland!


I think coming here to see the northern lights is worth everything.

Some lovely pictures!

Northern Lights at Suomenoja by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

Dream Land by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

Green Night by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

Some northern lights by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

A Hut under the northern sky by Sami Multasuo on 500px.com

They say the best things in life are free–what do you think?

Coming from Singapore, at least, I think I can agree with the above statement. I love the forests and the barns in Finland–in addition to the large amount of spaces. And I love the fact that it’s usually silent around me most of the time, which makes it less stressful. Since you get more time to look internally, clarify your mind, and re-evaluate priorities in life.

Hope you’d enjoyed this post today! Remember to follow Sami at 500px.