Yeahh– there had been a wedding proposal in 2013, but Finland hasn’t replied yet!

*frowns*  Suspicious Singaporeans. Back in 2013, I’d always wondered why the Singaporean PR guys made this video. Definitely the idea of “Finland” didn’t drop from the sky, and back in 2013 Singaporeans weren’t very into Northern Lights yet.

Before I met The Finnish Boyfriend, even I thought “Finland” is a myth. 😛

So how on earth did the SG PR guys get knowledge of “Finland”?

It’s only recently at the Finnish embassy that we discovered that a Finnish gentleman (his name is Antti) worked in the same office as the two Singaporean guys. And 2013 was when the 6.9 million population for white paper was announced by our SG ministers. I could totally imagine the conversation the Singaporean PR folks had with Antti which inspired this video. LOL.

You know, last year was SG50, Singapore’s 50th year of independence. Next year would be FI100, Finland’s 100th year of independence.

As someone who had been involved in SG50, and know many, many other passionate Singaporeans who were heavily involved, I can’t help but reflect on the process of nation-building for both countries.



Singapore’s nation-building initiatives have largely been top-down, whereas Finland’s nation-building initiatives so far have been bottom-up. This has led for some to comment that Singapore’s national identity is more constructed than real.

Yet, if we were to think closely about it, all national identities are but constructs. There are many, many things people in this construct “Singapore” can learn from people in this construct “Finland”, and vice versa.

But could it also be that, because of concerted efforts to “construct” this national identity, we receive something real and tangible as well?

Both countries didn’t get to where they are today, by chance. The past generations fought for the land, built the infrastructure for this generation, next generation, and the next next generations. And given the Brussels terrorist attacks yesterday, let’s not take safety in Singapore and Finland for granted.

On a sidenote, I wonder if we can ever push for a Finland x Singapore fashion runway locally, during Finland’s 100 year anniversary celebrations! 😀 That would be an initiative that would excite the masses and the black collar in both countries. Maybe such a runway can be organised…! ^^ This would be the best way to charm and win the heart of the FI/SG masses–And kick-start future FI-ASEAN events!!

And to end off before I go to zzzzz (hehe, today is my partial rest day), I can’t help but emphasise the need for Finns and Singaporeans to represent their countries well on a global stage.

Insist/persist on putting your countries on the map. I think this is vital for young countries, in particular.


As for me, my homes are both Finland and Singapore.

And this is why I’d do whatever it takes for both countries to get (A) attention and (B) global recognition. ^^