Quick post before I go on to a precious friend’s bridal gown fitting. OMG I am so excited!

Just now I spoke to a professional wedding decorator, and she’s amazing. At the end of our interview, we concluded that it’s ideal to do something you like, but it’s so important to find a way to make your passion a sustainable business. 

Making your passion a sustainable business is not something a lot of people know how to do. In fact, most creative folks just live their lives not being able to monetise their passions, whereas most business folks just live their lives solely focused on profit maximization, and not being able to do something meaningful that contributes to the larger society.

I don’t know why, but I was particularly touched when she said that. Her portfolio is amazing, and her vision to be an ideal wedding decorator for the masses just touches my heart. You see, experienced decorators usually end up serving the luxury sector and the super rich in the Singaporean context. She on the other hand, with all her professionalism and experience, has a heart for the masses, because she believes that every bride–regardless of income level–deserves a beautiful wedding that is reflective of her heart.

Her vision really touches me. Not a lot of Singaporeans have visions for their lives, or what they do professionally. Most of us usually go for money, haha. Our life goals revolve around buying a house, getting a high paying job, buying a second house, buying a car, becoming rich, haha.

Whereas whenever I talk to Finns, especially creative folks, there seems to be a thinking that money is evil. Being a starving artist to them is apparently cool.

I think that’s just being in denial, haha. These precious folks think money is evil because they don’t know exactly how to acquire wealth and income stream in an ethical manner, and they don’t know how to use wealth for the larger good of society via their vision and business.

Honestly I’d rather be rich without a vision, than to be poor with a so called “vision” that can never be achieved. Because you’d always need $$$ to do big things, or to live the life you want, or to impact more people.

But ideally, of course, any form of business should not be just ALL about $$$, and I strongly believe that teaching Singaporeans how to have a vision would empower them to create entities that are even more valuable to the world.

But why do we, as Finns/Singaporeans, have to compromise? We can always work together and leverage our strengths.

Do you see how powerful greater Singaporean X Finnish integration and exchange can be?

More integration and even simple things like simply kick-starting bilateral communication and exchange can allow us to live just as we are. 

Singaporeans can leverage on the creative minds and innovation of Finns to create more wealth and money, whereas Finns can leverage on the “survival/ cut-throat” mentality in Singapore to get more wealth.

In the process, both nationalities will be able to create definite win-win situations for themselves.

Knowing exactly how to monetise creative arts/fashion/ innovation should be the direction to go.

It’s clear that Finland is the TOP country of innovation, whereas Singapore is the TOP business hub in the whole world. I used the word “business hub” because Singapore can help Finnish companies enter the ASEAN market.

Make no doubt about this. It’s really clear as day that nobody really knows exactly how to penetrate the rapidly growing ASEAN market, not even the Chinese government, with all their easy access to consumer data.

In today’s world, data and information is key. Singapore can be the springboard to ASEAN because of our historical context, cosmopolitan nature and use of English as lingua franca + business language.

Finnish innovation is perfect for the ASEAN market, which either is (A) developing or (B) of aging population. What will happen if the two tops come together to create even more value for ourselves? We’d be unbeatable, and many other new ideas, creativity and wealth can emerge out of increased interactions.

Why be restricted by the slowness and chains of the labour + macroeconomic challenges in Finland now? Leverage on the Singapore’s excellent business infrastructure, and together, let’s bring more innovation here.

I hope that in five years’ time, more Singaporeans can learn from Finns to find their own unqiue visions, which will make the world a better place.  Whereas more Finns can learn from Singaporeans to be brave, put themselves more on the line, and truly marketize innovation.

That’s my heart. 🙂 If you identify with it, please head to FINNGAPORE or like our facebook page. <3