Quick post before I go out.

The thing about search engine optimisation (SEO) is this. If you are a foreigner, and want to be associated with a country X, you have to keep making stereotypes about that particular country.

It’s as simple as that.

And you have to spam the country’s keywords and commonly held stereotypes about that particular country.

The more stereotypes you make about the country, the higher you rank on search engines.

For instance, if I were a foreigner and want to get attention, I can always name my blog “Enlightened by Awesome Singapore” (e.g. www.enlightenedbyawesomesingapore.com) Sure, it’d rank high on search engines, and I might be able to please the Singaporean masses.”This is a good foreigner in Singapore!” Singaporeans might then think.

And I’d spam some pillar posts on how Singapore is awesome by making stereotypes about local Singaporeans. Those posts are meant to be superficial, and have the function of SEO.

And therefore, it’s paradoxical to claim to blog about anything “serious” AND still have a superficial bootlicking country blog-branding.

But I think, one day the blogger would just hit a plateau, and then it’d all become POOF! 


That’s why when it comes to branding, I’d rather have a brand that outlasts myself, my life, and my being. This brand should be global–not solely about a human being, not about a location, but about an answer to an essential human need.

Do you get what I mean? Any combination of things with [country]+[human opinion]= [a brand] DEFINITELY has a lot of connotations and stereotypes involved to that nation. It’s very limiting, and I hate it.

It’s just for search engine optimisation, and at most public relations.

He/she is not speaking his real heart out. If he is indeed speaking his heart out, then oh dear, then he’s being narrow-minded. So…Don’t be fooled or restricted.

Country-niche bloggers make me really sick, especially if the brand is sustainable or popular. 🙂 If I were to do anything like this, I’d do it for a while just to get my site picked by search engines, and thereafter, I’d go global. 

Country-niche-foreigner branding is just a marketing stunt, and it’s amazing how stupid the masses can be, to confuse what is superficial with what is real. 😛

Aiyah. Social media and blogs tend to become more and more nonsensical. But honestly, whoever says nonsense is not useful?