Today I will write briefly about the 3 things I’d learnt from my interview here with Peter Vesterbacka. Yeow and I were invited to Innovfest 2016 as part of the media, and Peter was one of the featured speakers. That’s how we got to interview him. I always reflect on nuggets of wisdom from interviewees whom…


  1. All teachers wishes their students will surpass the teacher, that’s what Finnish education is all about. Yes I am those that thought that your comments about Finns not being ambitious was and is way of the mark. Finns are very ambitious but they don’t punch their chest and stand on top the building and scream look at me I am the greatest, they just work away quietly and allow their work do the talking. What I don’t agree with Peter is that he does not recognize the importance of the existing large Finnish companies that were borne after the war and are still working on the leading edge of the known technologies including paper mills and steel manufactures. Yes the new startups will make trillions but someone still needs to build your mansions.

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