Storytelling the “Nordic” to Asian consumers is currently somewhat lacklustre. The region’s strength in general, is in “nature”, and possibly “heritage”. But pretty mild stuffs, not as dramatic as the rest of Europe.

In short, no bored person gives a damn about non-dramatic stuffs. It’s the instagram and snapchat era we live in currently, afterall. Give people some reasons to put insta-worthy photos on instagram, and they would purchase.

Of course I’m talking superficially about the “seen”, and not “unseen” like ideals. But I don’t think current Asian consumers care specifically about the ideals, when they tackle the “seen” first.

It’s a huge pity that current marketers aren’t really tapping on the deepest desires of Asian consumers.

Do you know about yin and yang? It’s the same logic. Do you know about “qian” and “kun”? It’s the same logic too. it’s impossible to not succeed when both elements are compatible with each other.

To market “Nordic” to Asians, I think we need to bear in mind these things:

  • To take note of what’s rare in Asia, in visible terms;
  • To contrast the intensitiy of light–Light Vs darkness, Sun Vs Snow;
  • To take note of what is the said country’s societal structure and current environment of social media;
  • To follow the money (aka ask yourself, is there an existing market?)
  • To define “luxury” and common work ethos;
  • To feel the “pace” of things, fast Vs slow;
  • To feel the “weight” of things, light Vs heavy;
  • To take note of current popular mass media–Norwegian Woods? Game of Thrones? Song Jihyo and Chen Bo-Lin? LOL.
  • To market the “superior” vs the “inferior”. To move the “inferior” up to the superior. To make references to The White Man’s Burden.
  • Do we know what sort of fantasies and ideals Asians have been fed with since they were little boys and girls? I do. Can I read their hearts now that they are grooms and brides? I can.