Yeah, The Bf and I took this set of pre-wedding photography on Sunday as a wedding present for an acquaintance. ^^♡


What a huge privilege!~ It turned out pretty well! So we’re really grateful~

You guys know my passion towards weddings, but honestly, it isn’t practical to do weddings as a full-time business in Finland.

The reason is simple: Finns tend to minimise the spending on weddings, as they regard having a non-flashy wedding as a virtue. There isn’t even a “pre-wedding photography mentality” in Finland.


In Asian countries, spendings on pre-wedding photography ranges from 3000Euros~5000euros for a mid-tier photographer.

The difference in spending is completely cultural.

To each of his own. Anyway, I’d be doing this as a hobby for Asian folks who happen to be in Finland then! 😀