…yeah, I met kind lawyers today to discuss about how to make Finnish law more accessible to the masses. ^^

I went with a list of questions on employment law, labour law, immigration law and tort law, and they patiently and accurately answered my questions one by one.

In particular, I asked–

“Is it common to have just verbal agreements in Finland that are not backed by written contracts, and therefore unenforcable?”; and

“Is it common to have fixed-term contracts in Finland to be renewed infinitely on a year-on-year basis”?

LOL. Because it seems like there are some pretty serious stories of foreigners having to cancel bad debt due to contractual issues in Finland! *tsk tsk* 

I’m unsure why foreigners fear lawsuits. Could it be because of lack of information, or the unwillingness to face conflicts? Anyway, the Finnish government provides legal aid of up to 80hours for qualified immigrants in Finland–and this is something a lot of immigrants don’t know.

Ignorance, my friend, isn’t cool. Be informed in whatever you do. Say “no” to exploitation!

And don’t ever be bullied. Stand up for yourself. Look for reliable lawyers if you ever feel that you are wronged.