Today, we have the huge pleasure of having Nina Röntynen, a creative bridal professional who believes that every bride deserves to have her magical wedding according to her unique style. Nina runs , where you can find stunning bespoke/ handmade accessories for weddings and special occasions.

For more information about beauty tips and news, feel free to also visit the blog . Nina’s bridal company also provides combing, makeup and photography services. Enjoy the interview!

TH: Hi Nina! Can you tell us more about yourself and your company?

Nina: Hello! This is Nina, and I´m a hair, make-up artist and photographer. I started my company Ninka in the year 2006. At first I was creating bridal hair, make-up and I have my own Hair Dressing Salon in Espoo.


In the year 2011, my husband and I started a wedding accessories web-shop and it was such a success! I love making bridal headpieces and my own design jewelry.

I also love bespoke work when I get to know the styles and wishes of the brides. It is such a delighted that my accessories will be part of the perfect look.

I work with brides doing hair and make up, creating handmade accessories, jewelry and studying photography. We have two small sons, and it tends to get very busy in our lives, but I just love everything!

TH: Do you have any tips for brides for choosing their wedding accessories?

Nina: When choosing accessories with wedding dress, start thinking about your style: is it vintage, modern, woodland, fairy or maybe princess -style?

What is the style you love to look in your wedding pictures after many, many years? What is the style you feel most comfortable in?

If the headpiece is the main accessory of your style, you can start by selecting it first.

Choose your headpiece size and material to match your hairdressing and bridal gown.

TH: How can customers decide between a ready-made vs hand-made wedding accessory? What could be the difference?

Ninka: Handmade headpieces are always made from best possible materials, they are light, delicate and suit for demanding taste.

Handmade accessories are usually more interesting to look at and when made from genuine pearls and crystals they will last and stand the test of time better.

Ninka headpieces are made to be environmentally friendly and materials can always be re-used if for example, your daughter wants to wear the same headpieces as you do! 🙂

Alternatively, the piece can be modified to suit her own taste. Ready-made or factory made accessories are usually heavier and can not be worn in as many occasions.

TH: Why are accessories important for weddings?


Nina: Accessories are important to complete the wedding look. They can make or break the look.

TH: What background information should a couple consider prior to buying a hand-made wedding accessory?

Nina: It would be wise to get to know the styles and tastes of designers by visiting for example, the websites of the designers.

Also, the price range of the accessories can usually be seen there. A useful tip would be to choose your style and budget first! 🙂

TH: What is the price range for wedding accessories made-in-Finland?

Nina: Handmade accessories are made in all price ranges. The price usually depends on the cost and type of materials used and time needed to make design.

TH: What are some signs a couple can look out for to tell a reliable accessory vendor from another?

Nina: One good sign to tell is if the designer has good image gallery of his/her own designs and if there are good comments from real customers.

Another good sign is if the materials used are good, like genuine pearls. In those cases products are usually worth the money.

TH: How can a bride best work with a wedding accessory vendor, to achieve the nicest design?

Nina: Usually I get many inspirational pictures from brides where I can say my recommendations for jewelry designs and materials. Some times if the wishes of the brides are not clear, I will make a couple of designs for them to choose from.

TH: What are some requests from couples that don’t make sense?

Nina: In my history, I have made headpieces using old jeans, nail polish, old jewellery etc…

However, if sometimes the bride has too many ideas they need to be reduced to find out what actually works with her style.

TH: What is one common misconception that couples have?

Nina: One common misconception is that bespoke accessories are very expensive.

TH: Please share an example of a most unforgettable experience of handcrafting a beautiful piece of wedding accessory.


Nina: I love every headpiece I make and I´m always grateful to have brides wearing these accessories and taking pictures on their wedding day.

A couple of years ago there was a popular Finnish television wedding show going called ”Satuhäät”. When I was watching the programme, there was a beautiful couple who had their wedding in Thailand. The bride was wearing my unique headpiece and the hairdresser was so excited and loving the headpiece.

That was such a pleasant surprise!

TH: Wow! That must have been such a happy moment! Have you ever encountered a last-minute incident in your clients’ wedding preparation process? How did you help your couple deal with this problem?

Nina: We have not had any problems so far!

Sometimes bespoke orders comes ”last minute” and are made under time constraints but that is not a problem!

TH: On a parting note, do you have any tips or advice for couples?

Nina: Choose the wedding style for you. It does not always need to be like a traditional wedding, it can be something totally different. If you want to have wedding with medival or 1920s theme, go for it.

Wedding is about the couple and every couple deserves to have their weddings in accordance to their own styles.

It has been fun to have Nina Röntynen with us today! Feel free to visit her website at, or her other creative websites at Ninkadesign and Kaunis Paiva.

Photographs courtesy of Nina, Ninka Design. Photo of Nina by Niina Stolt/ Studio Onni. This interview on bridal accessories is part of The Hieno Brides’ series.