Today we have the huge pleasure of having Suvi Leinonen, the founder of SuviMorsian with us. Enjoy the interview! 🙂


TH: Hello Suvi! Thank you for your time today! Can you tell us more about yourself and your company?

Suvi:  SuviMorsian offers the most beautiful and high-quality wedding gowns and formal wear to ensure that you look your very best on important occasions.

Conveniently located in Vantaa, our boutique is easily reachable by car or by public transport. Our collection of dresses and apparel are lovingly designed, curated and manufactured in Finland. We offer a wide and exciting range of colorful and traditional wedding and evening dresses, and also bespoke options! 🙂

Be charmed at SuviMorsian!

TH: Do you have any tips for wedding couples when choosing a wedding gown designer/bridal boutique?

Suvi: A good first step for brides who have chosen to have a designer wedding gown made for them, is to form an idea of what kind of dress they want. Providing more pictures and opinions of what they want and what they don’t want helps the designer more than the brides often realize.

The brides should also have planned their budget for the dress as it often dictates what materials can be used for the wedding dress.

TH: How do brides decide on the kind of styles that are most suitable for them?


Suvi: The theme of the wedding usually dictates the theme of the wedding dress. However, sometimes the theme starts forming around the dress or some other detail.

TH: What are some signs a couple should look out for to tell a good/quality/reliable wedding gown designer/bridal boutique from another?

Suvi: It’s not always apparent from preference pictures alone whether or not the designer is a good one. A visit to their shop can help give a more complete picture.

Brides should be looking at the quality of the dresses in their collection or portfolio and ask about the designers’ timeline and price point before deciding.

TH: What could be the price range for bridal gowns in Finland?

Suvi: The prices for custom made dresses usually start from 500 to ­1000 euros, but in the end the only limits are the bride’s dreams.

TH: How can a bride best work with a wedding gown designer/bridal boutique, to get the most out of it?


Suvi: To get the most out of working with a designer the bride has two basic options.

If the bride has a clear concept of what kind of dress and accessories she wants she can provide the designer with as much information of her dream dress as she can, so the end result will be exactly as planned.

The other option is to give the designer free reins, and the bride might end up with something extraordinary and unique. Most importantly the bride should trust the designer, they are the experts after all.

What are some of the misconceptions that couples have?

Suvi: The most common misconception the brides have is that custom made dresses or dresses made in Finland are overly expensive. More often than not brides don’t even bother to ask for a price for their dream dress and try to find it online with disappointing consequences. The dresses bought online often require so much work done that in the end they can cost as much as a custom made dress.

Quite often when a bride brings in her dress from an online store we see how much work it requires and how costly the alterations can be and we may even recommend a new custom made dress.

Most brides are quite shocked when they hear those words, but in the end, we are just trying to make the bride look her best on her wedding day.

TH: What are common requests that couples make that doesn’t make sense?

Suvi: One of the common requests couples or the brides family makes is that they want all kind of extra garments or accessories included with the wedding dress.

Our prices do not have that much extra that we could give stuff away for free and rejecting their request even in the politest of ways is often seen as being greedy or unreasonable.

It’s more than often the bride’s family or the groom himself asking for this.

TH: Can you share an example of a most unforgettable experience in order of preference with us?


Suvi: One of the most unforgettable customers this year was a bride who was very unhappy with her dress. Her fiancee didn’t want her to wear the lace dress of her dreams so she settled, and settled and settled until three weeks before her wedding she came to my shop with a dress she didn’t even like.

I talked with her for a while and we thought of so many different ways to make the dress look like her. In the end she was happy that she was reminded it’s her dress and her big day and she even decided on adding some lace to the dress.

TH: Thank you for your time with us, Suvi!

Suvi: Thank you for having me!

You can visit Suvi Morsian here, or follow their instagram @suvimorsian.

All photos courtesy of Suvi Morsian.