5 shiok places to go in Helsinki.

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Recently I’d noticed a trend of Singaporeans coming to Helsinki, and then proceeding on to see the Ice Igloo at Ivalo. They asked me to recommend places to go, and so I thought I’d write a brief post on it.

By the way, I’d spoken to the CEO at Klauskautten before, and even he thinks Singapore is part of China LOL~ So good luck being there. Also I heard from fellow Singaporeans who spent a huge amount to go there that the place is overpriced, has bad service and is grossly overrated with terrible toilets HAHAHA. I personally won’t go there since it sounds like a money-sucking place. There are alternatives like Olokolo, for instance.

But well, well, well–YOLO bucket list, yes!

At any rate here are the 5 places I would personally recommend you to go to in Helsinki.

#1: The bucket-list cafe to go to in Helsinki: Cafe Kokko

I’d strongly recommend this place because of the owner–he’s super friendly, kind, sincere, and most importantly he bakes yummy raw cakes. i think he’s also a yoga-guru which is totally like, wow.

I really love their raw cakes. 🙂

#2: Buy something at Marimekko.

Apparently some prices of Marimekko in Helsinki are 50% that of in Singapore? I’m not sure leh but that is what I heard.

I think they all wore it well! But Marimekko with the unikko (the trademark flower) is really pretty, so I think it’s cool to take a photo there.

#3: Take a selfie at the Torni Toilet.

That particular toilet has a great view of the city. The general landscape of Helsinki is flat, so you can just go to this toilet to take a dump and enjoy the beauty of Helsinki’s landscape.

Torni is at Yrjönkatu 26, FI-00100 Helsinki.

#4: Go to supermarket (“K supermarket”/ “S Supermarket”/ “Lidl”) to buy Fazer chocolates as souvenirs.

Check the fangirl raves here.

#5: Visit stores that are going bankrupt!

I’m not sure if I should be sounding happy–but well, it might be a great idea to visit stores that are going bankrupt if you love shopping. One recent example is Anttila, and they have kodin1, and I think I spent a lot of money buying stationery there LOL, because they were on 60% sale. hmm. 

I’m pretty sure there would be more discounts over the next 2-3 years because retail is doing quite badly in Helsinki. So you might want to take a lookout for up to 80% discounts if you are into shopping?

I once saw Ecco shoes/bags at 50% off and I went like “whoa the Singapore retail is really 敲诈 ”

Things like shoes, bags and clothes will have a lower price level than that of Singapore.

TIP: You should always use the travel navigator www.reittiopas.fi/en to navigate. Those are super useful! Just copy and paste the address into the website and they’d tell you steps to take to get to wherever you want to get to.

TIP2: Get a 2-3day unlimited travel pass from this place called “R” Kioski! It would save you a lot of travel money around the city. “R” Kioski looks like that:

OK! Hope this brief guide helps, bye!


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