Recently I’d noticed a trend of Singaporeans coming to Helsinki, and then proceeding on to see the Ice Igloo at Ivalo. They asked me to recommend places to go, and so I thought I’d write a brief post on it.

By the way, I’d spoken to the CEO at Klauskautten before, and even he thinks Singapore is part of China LOL~ So good luck being there. Also I heard from fellow Singaporeans who spent a huge amount to go there that the place is overpriced, has bad service and is grossly overrated with terrible toilets HAHAHA. I personally won’t go there since it sounds like a money-sucking place. There are alternatives like Olokolo, for instance.

But well, well, well–YOLO bucket list, yes!

At any rate here are the 5 places I would personally recommend you to go to in Helsinki.

#1: The bucket-list cafe to go to in Helsinki: Cafe Kokko

I’d strongly recommend this place because of the owner–he’s super friendly, kind, sincere, and most importantly he bakes yummy raw cakes. i think he’s also a yoga-guru which is totally like, wow.

I really love their raw cakes. 🙂

#2: Buy something at Marimekko.

Apparently some prices of Marimekko in Helsinki are 50% that of in Singapore? I’m not sure leh but that is what I heard.

I think they all wore it well! But Marimekko with the unikko (the trademark flower) is really pretty, so I think it’s cool to take a photo there.

#3: Take a selfie at the Torni Toilet.

That particular toilet has a great view of the city. The general landscape of Helsinki is flat, so you can just go to this toilet to take a dump and enjoy the beauty of Helsinki’s landscape.

Torni is at Yrjönkatu 26, FI-00100 Helsinki.

#4: Go to supermarket (“K supermarket”/ “S Supermarket”/ “Lidl”) to buy Fazer chocolates as souvenirs.

Check the fangirl raves here.

#5: Visit stores that are going bankrupt!

I’m not sure if I should be sounding happy–but well, it might be a great idea to visit stores that are going bankrupt if you love shopping. One recent example is Anttila, and they have kodin1, and I think I spent a lot of money buying stationery there LOL, because they were on 60% sale. hmm. 

I’m pretty sure there would be more discounts over the next 2-3 years because retail is doing quite badly in Helsinki. So you might want to take a lookout for up to 80% discounts if you are into shopping?

I once saw Ecco shoes/bags at 50% off and I went like “whoa the Singapore retail is really 敲诈 ”

Things like shoes, bags and clothes will have a lower price level than that of Singapore.

TIP: You should always use the travel navigator to navigate. Those are super useful! Just copy and paste the address into the website and they’d tell you steps to take to get to wherever you want to get to.

TIP2: Get a 2-3day unlimited travel pass from this place called “R” Kioski! It would save you a lot of travel money around the city. “R” Kioski looks like that:

OK! Hope this brief guide helps, bye!