You know, I’d always wondered why my Finnish friends are generally calm.

Then today I thought, could it be the forests?


Imagine having forests all around you–whenever you study, work, play. Forests tell you that you are ultimately going to die one day. Forests also remind you how incredibly insignificant and small you are, in this big, huge cosmo of things. Their existence whisper the transience and ephemerality of this earthly life.

finnish forest.jpg

Forests keep air clean and give you a healthy body. Forests tell you there is a flow to life, that everything has its own place and time, and there is a natural flow to things that Mother Nature will bless and bring. There’s no need to stress nor fight, because nature will take care of all these small little things.


Also, forests teach you how to walk away to avoid conflicts. When you see a suspicious object/ person/ plant living being , don’t EAT THAT MUSHROOM! Just walk away instead of entertain strange encounters.


Just saying.