I think many people already know how much of a keen stalker researcher I am HAHA. I keep a lot of excel sheets and I do monitoring closely. 🙂 It’s this thing that comes with social media management.

Today I want to bring your attention to Expo.jobs, which I personally think is a genius idea. Well, usually I don’t really blog about how awesome start-up ideas are due to a lack of knowledge, but I did my Masters Thesis on Trade Fairs so I know.

For, what is the Number #1 pain point of people going to trade fairs?

It is the fear of losing out vis-a-vis other industry folks. Yet at the same time, the business owner is concerned about the lack of predictability when it comes to ROI from the trade fair.

Against this context, Expo.jobs is a revolutionary idea in the information era we’re currently in. Think of it as the upwork of the MICE/ Trade Show Industries.

I’m personally convinced that this portal would help current trade show delegates/ participants do better, and also increase the number of delegates/vendors participating in any given trade shows all over the world.

I also personally feel that this portal would empower students to set up more of their own MICE industry consulting businesses while they are in polytechics/ universities.

It’s really quite exciting! People attend trade shows because they don’t know what they don’t know, and they want to be updated and network with passionate industry partners to see what’s going on in the market.

Some industry folks also do B2B sales via the trade fair and in the event when language is a barrier, you’d definitely need a local person to help you. How else do you sell if you don’t speak the language?!

That’s the real beauty of expo.jobs: Trade show vendors and delegates can now have easy access to any local industry specialist in the world.

For, why do people NOT attend trade shows? In their excellent 2007 paper, researchers Berné & García-Uceda cited 12 reasons: 

Screenshot 2016-09-03 16.25.24.png

Well– good news, Expo.jobs solves at least 7/12 of these reasons. The portal is that revolutionary–and it is now live!

According to Heikki, the CEO and founder of expo.jobs:

“The service is easy to use and registration is free to all. Companies choose the event, post a project and either wait for bids or search Expo.Jobs database for a right business professional. Consultants and business professionals can search the projects and make offers. When there is a match, project details are agreed and work can start.”

I can’t wait to see what would happen to this startup! Hope it grows well and takes over the world.

All the best to Heikki and his team!~ 🙂