The Hieno! is the official partner of the Finland 100 independence programme:What is “Finnish-ness”?  endorsed by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Today we have our forth interviewee Lauri, the very dangerous founder of the crazily popular Hydraulic Press Channel. We trimmed the interviews down into parts for your ease of watching, since folks have short attention span these days. Lauri did this interview impromptu by the way!

Enjoy the interview! Personally, I had so much fun meeting the very talented Lauri and his wife Anni, and their two cutie-pie cats!

In Video #1, Lauri shares with us about why he started his Hydraulic Press Channel, what the hydraulic press is really for, and where he gets his various ideas from.

In Video #2, we talk about everything related to Finland!

Here, Lauri spoke about the image of honest/drunk Finnish people, sisu, sauna and the humility of Finns.

P.S. I actually heard the “drunk people” part wrongly. I heard 100,000/200,000 people are drunk, not 100 HAHA that’s how I got the 50% 😀 Maybe even I have the misconception that Finns are usually quite drunk. 😛

And last but not least, video #3: Lauri’s wishes for Finland 100!

“I hope that people will get positive mood and start to invent new things, and hopefully things will start to go better!”

After the interview, we went to crush stuffs.


They’d be crushing this durian we brought them really soon!! It’s sponsored by some Singaporean fans named Amber and co. They’re waiting excitedly for it to be crushed–and actually, me too! HAHA.

Lauri and Anni were super nice and crushed this this coffee maker for our viewing pleasure hehehe 😀 This coffee machine was sponsored by Analyse2.

And then we took a pretty polaroid. LOVE IT!


They also gave Niko a nice crushed pipe as a souvenir, which really delighted Niko! I really like this couple a lot and we thoroughly enjoyed the interview process.

We hope you have enjoyed Lauri’s interview! The Hieno! is the official partner of the Finland 100 independence programme: What is “Finnish-ness”? endorsed by the Prime Minister’s Office. Feel free to follow The Hydraulic Press Channel on instagram @hydraulicpresschannel and youtube here. Video and Photos courtesy of NN.