All Finns are honest.”

Are they ALL really? If yes, why do my experience prove otherwise?

No. Most Finns are honest. Not all. 

You see, I had once thought that it was perfectly normal to start work without a written contract.

What happened was that a piece of work I’d worked very hard on was (1) delivered, (2) approved, and (3) presented by the “client”.

(1)- (3) are by the way, verifiable facts. 

After the presentation of the work, the “client” came up with this list of reason saying that “Oh, this and that was not delivered”, blablablabla…

…And made a grand total of zero payment for this work.

…And threatened me with a libel lawsuit if I were to say anything specific in public.

Yes, a Finnish “client” who on hindsight reminds me of Donald Trump.

People who have been following this blog for a while might have noticed that I have been writing much on lawsuits and contracts.

That’s because well, duh, I’d consulted with various Finnish lawyers to clarify what the standard protocol of work is in Finland. To clarify if it is even legal to not offer written contracts to immigrants/ students before they start work.

Lawyers from two different law firms advised that I have a strong case. I even have black and white from one Finnish lawyer that morally, even without a written contract, this “client” does owe me money.

However, this “client” went to tell a third party whom I respect a lot– to ask me to give up on the sum of money that was owed to me. I didn’t want to implicate the third-parties involved in this mess, so I wrote the sum off as bad debt.

This is in spite of collecting extensive evidence in audio and on black-and-white.

On hindsight, I wonder why I wasn’t offered a contract even when a four-figure sum is involved? The “client” is obviously an experienced businessman.

Verbal contracts do hold in Finland, but so–? Are you going to waste time on stupid lawsuits dealing with narcissistic wealthy people, even if you are perfectly right?

And not only waste your time, but also the time of the third-parties involved?

Haven’t you wondered why so many of Donald Trump’s employees are completely ripped off by him? Unpaid work. Exploitative work. Cheap labour.

Some employees even called him “the nightmare client“. Maybe that’s how Trump got rich in the first place– by exploiting people working for him!

Well apparently such a phenomenon is not limited to just America. Finland might have some Donald Trumps, too!

Indeed, I had been too naive. I had blindly believed that “All Finns are honest”. I had been played, but thank God I learnt.

So for some time, like a year, obviously I felt mentally and emotionally unstable because I had worked really hard.

I felt cheated.

Then my friend Wendy counselled me in a matter-of-fact manner:

“Don’t worry, there will be karma on this jerk.”

“Would there really, Wendy? Or are you just consoling me?”

“No, really, there really will be karma. I speak from experience. I’d encountered many people in life before and jerks always get karma.”

Wendy then proceeded to list a long list of stories of people who have been going around screwing people up, and then got really screwed in the end.

And lo-and-behold, yesterday karma showed its claws!

The “client” who didn’t pay me?

This “client” was completely criticized in the papers and on Finnish social media on so many other matters.

More and more people are now realizing about how terrible and pretentious a person this “client” is. The people who had known it all along are starting to finally speak up because they couldn’t stand how pretentious this person is anymore.

Apparently, nobody in the field respects this person, and this self-absorbed person is just kept in a bubble!

Sad. So what does this teach you? All that glitters is not gold…and–

Karma is really a bitch.

So yes, now I believe a bit more in “karma”. What goes around does come around. Who would have expected that this person has a grand total of zero respect in the field, and was being pretentious all along?

So, if you ever feel ripped off by anybody, the best form of revenge is really moving on and doing better.

Treat it as a life lesson, and stay focused on your own path.

Don’t do bad stuffs to people, because the desire to take revenge is really drinking a bottle of poison and hurting yourself.

Let karma take its natural course, and justice will be served. You don’t have to lift a finger. 😛

Everyone has eyes to see for themselves. When they go low, we go high!

So this is the last post I’m ever going to make on this topic. I’d moved on.

…Because I’m now convinced that karma will do its job, blessings included. LOL.