Today I had the huge privilege of attending the Finland 100 Espoo/Uusimaa networking event. It was soooooo fun and I met many interesting people!


Saara briefing the crowd.


The official Espoo schedule for Suomi100 next year!~

I found two particular projects to be extremely interesting. They are the:

  • “Koko Suomi tanssii” project/ “The whole Finland dance” project…

  • …and the “Let’s eat together” project!

There were people knitting while the presentation was on-going, against the backdrop of cute random mini-flags. I found that intriguing.


One really interesting Wee-gee talk!


I was really surprised to see the paper dolls at the bottom left-hand corner on the screen. I always thought it was an American thing!~

“Let’s do it together!” That’s the theme for Suomi100!~

Kiitos to the Espoo Community for having me today!~

It was such a fruitful and informative networking event! ♡♡


Brown-chan with the cute mini-Suomi 100 badges.

My only regret was forgetting to take the Suomi100 chocolates/sweets! 😀 Though I’m sure I’d be able to get some periodically throughout 2017!