Have you ever wondered exactly how to preserve a glimpse of beauty in Finland 2016/2017?

Such that a glimpse of this beauty, authenticity and vulnerability:

  • becomes a legacy to be passed on from generation to generation;
  • can be presented as a sincere gift to a foreign friend who wants to understand and know Finnish culture better;
  • is revisited as and when necessary to warm hearts in cold winters.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Finnish life in 2016/2017 is preserved in a physical, tangible form?

Wouldn’t it be nice if…you can go back to these heartfelt interviews ten years later to see how the interviewees have changed?

-“Ah, so ten years on, this Carol Chen is now retired and travelling the world.

-“Ah, so ten years on, there are many immigrant-background leaders who, inspired by Husu, are helping the immigrant community do even greater works in Finland.”

-“Ah, so ten years on, this Emma lady is now back in Finland with kids.”

Wouldn’t you want this book? I know I would want it. 

So, there you have it.

We’re going to print our official “What is Finnish-ness” series into beautiful books.

It’s designed to last forever.


The Hieno! Suomi 100 series is part of the official programme endorsed by the Prime Minister’s Office in Finland. This series revolves around the theme of “What is Finnish-ness?”, and we interview 35 people from various backgrounds who love Finland.

80% of our interviewees are nominated by the community. We are already two months into the project, and 12/35 through in terms of completed long-form interviews and anecdotes.

A couple of weeks ago, I bounced the idea of printing this series into beautiful books off Michaela, one of the best designers based in Helsinki. Mimi then got really excited and then told me about a similar concept done by The Great Discontent.

TGD’s print format looks like this:


SO stunning! 😀

Imagine various long-form interviews, quotes, and anecdotes printed in classy hardcover, on beautiful Finnish paper and elegantly designed/ spaced.

Imagine catching a whiff of the sweet, crisp scent of Finnish forests from the printed papers of the book.

Imagine YOU contributing a part to the history of the Finnish nation.

Imagine this Suomi 100 book designed and preserved to last forever.

Can you imagine our book together?

Yeah, we’re going to do the book. I don’t know how but we will get it.

And we’re going to do it together.