multicultural finland

Today’s post is on the topic of “multicultural Finland”. Recently I’d been talking to some really racist Finns in Finland.

And they openly call themselves racists, so I’m not calling them names.

Probably, they are not mean to me because they haven’t been listened to for a long, long while. I don’t endorse their arguments on race, though it’s really interesting to see how they argue.

And I think ultimately, these Finnish racists fear one thing: The loss of Finnish culture.

That’s why “multicultural Finland” is a dirty word here, because the image of “multiculturalism” is this:



A blender where you put in all the cultures and click “blend”.

So…Finnish racists don’t want to risk diluting Finnish culture because they have this image of a blender in their heads.

But should this always be the case, that multiculturalism leads to dilution of Finnish culture? I don’t think so.

Because it’s possible to keep cultures distinct and side-by-side. To promote understanding and friendship. To promote cross-appreciation of cultures, to move towards the bigger goal of peace and harmony. All these are positive things that come with immigration to Finland.

Case Study: Singapore. We don’t always have racial harmony but at the minimum there is racial tolerance.

And also, I guess racists make another economic argument of “In bad times, there are economic resource constraints, so why are we tolerating and “feeding” non-Finns, or people who don’t look like us?”

multicultural finland

Conversation with one racist Finnish person. Gosh she’s really racist but I think in times of economic malaise and a “lack mentality” people all go a bit mad.


Once again this argument is flawed because there are immigrants who contribute to Finnish economy and pay high Finnish taxes, whereas there are natives who slack and pay a grand total of zero taxes!

Then I have one more question for you–

Are Finnish “racists” the minority in this society?