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Wow, this year is really a year well done for Singapore and Singaporeans! We have so many national heroes featured on the global stage, like Joseph Schooling and our own PM Lee Hsien Loong. And now we have this cute and multi-talented Singaporean guy Nathan Hartono featured on the mass media in China. Woohoo!

So what’s so special about Nathan Hartono and why is everyone talking about him? In this quick post, I come up with 3 reasons.

Reason #1. Because Good looks + Great vocals + is super innovative.

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Cute boi! (source)

Anyway he does beat-box + so many instruments very well too. So innovative and multitalented!

Reason #2. Because Nathan Hartono does care about promoting Singaporean music on the global stage.

Let me ask you one question: Of all the songs he can choose to sing in the finals, why would he pick “城里的月光” by our own Singaporean singer Mavis Hee?

And it’s not like his diction is perfect–far from it. But he chose Mavis Hee’s song anyway.

Why? —To me, I read the choice of song as a tribute to the Singaporean music scene. I see it as him wanting to inspire fellow Singaporeans and aspiring young Singaporean musicians and song-writers.

That’s a real statement and encouragement to our local musicians and song-writers!

Reason #3. Because Nathan Hartono is so humble and magnanimous!

Okay let’s face it, there is no way a Singaporean would win a Sing! China show. This is political and logical. Come on, we are already having so many problems with the recent Chinese-Singaporean diplomatic saga.

To let a  Singaporean win a Sing! China contest is akin to saying there are no talented Chinese musicians in China.

For a great analysis of the politics associated with the contest, please read Dr. Patrick Liew’s post here:

Well, so how did Nathan Hartono react to his “loss” when tons of angry fans are complaining about the unfair outcome? Check this out:

He’s so humble!!! Just like Joseph Schooling.

What do all these imply?

Nathan wins hearts because he is humble and magnanimous. ‘Nuff said.

Well–to all the fans angry on his behalf: Let the album sales do the talking about who’s the real winner in the hearts of the people and his fans. There’s no need to be angry, because it’s clear that in the end, Nathan Hartono’s album sales will outdo the actual winner. Sales= truth! 

Yeah! So the above three reasons are probably why everyone is talking about Nathan Hartono~ 🙂 And of course, free milo helps.

Enjoy your day!