(Image Source: The Guardian)

Watch! What a great and candid speech! 🙂

I really thank God that we have such a great and respected prime minister like Lee Hsien Loong.

Because of his dedication to Singapore and various media appearances, Singapore is continued to be respected all over the world. Not in Finland though, because a large part of Finns still live in their own world–but that is not our problem.

For one, today PM Lee delivered an address to a joint sitting of the Australian Parliament, an extremely rare honour specially set apart for Australia’s most important political partners. He was in Australia for the bilateral defence talk.

For another, he was the one who stuck to a position in spite of China pressurising Singapore’s position in the South China Sea dispute. This showed China conclusively that Singapore is no pushover.

Last but not least, Barrack and Michelle Obama did invite PM Lee and Mdm Ho Ching to the white house–showing their deepest respect for the Singaporean leaders.

How do we not respect PM Lee? 🙂