[The Hieno! Suomi 100] Interview with Michaela Istokova, a super talented visual creative.

Today, as part of The Hieno! “What is Finnish-ness” series celebrating Suomi 100 in 2017, we have the huge privilege of featuring Michaela Istokova. Michaela is our amazingly talented designer-cum-illustrator for the The Hieno! Suomi 100 official e-book. Enjoy the interview!~♡

Finnish Men in Bed: Sultan’s Somewhat Irritating Marketing Campaign

Have you seen the latest marketing campaign by Kaalimato? This company sells Sultan Condoms and its tagline is “sex without surprises since 1967.”. The marketing campaign irritated the hell out of me since it kept blasting before my youtube videos could play. QUOTE: “These exclusive product kits set the mood by providing a glimpse of Finnish…